Alan Titchmarsh How To Garden Series Book Review

If you’re anything like me, I’m always on the lookout for brilliant new books to devour. I’ve recently discovered a whole series by Alan Titchmarsh called How To Garden. These were published a few years ago but have somehow escaped my beady eye. However, they’ve not dated in any way, showing that Alan’s advice is well worth its salt.

Who can forget Alan Titchmarsh’s My Secret Garden book, revealing his very own garden? It’s become a particular favourite of mine. This man practices what he preaches.

Let me heartily recommend three of the How To Garden series in particular. Small Trees, Garden Design and Small Gardens, all published by Ebury.

Small Gardens and Small Trees go together like mulled wine and mince pies….Alan Titchmarsh describes a small garden as anything smaller than a tennis court, which I’d say covers probably 80% of English gardens! When you read his words, Alan has a gift of making you feel that what you’ve previously felt are problems with a garden are actually its best assets. Full of practical advice and knowledge for making the very most of your precious patch, these two books will make you fall in love with your garden all over again. 
Garden Design is my third recommendation from the series. It’s absolutely chocablock full of completely attainable inspiration, leaving you feeling full of the joys of spring, even in the middle of winter! This book takes you through every aspect of designing your garden in Alan titchmarsh’s warm, chatty style.

Each of these books is only about 140 pages – just right for a stocking filler, no? May I suggest you start dropping present request hints right about now?!

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