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I’m sorry I missed Friday….I have been feeling a little unhinged lately and I just could not gather my thoughts to say much of anything.  I mean I had things to say but I couldn’t decide what was relevant and what wasn’t…..what was interesting or might be blog worthy.

My brother in law was admitted to the hospital on Friday for dehydration, weight loss and infection where the port is.  He had his last chemo yesterday and and has 2 more radiation treatments.  After that he has a month break until major surgery where they remove the esophagus.  My niece and nephew flew in as “patient and caretaker” are definitely struggling….each with their own set of issues.  Nothing puts a strain on a relationship like the devastation of a cancer diagnosis.

The love is still there……always.

And…..last week my brother had a heart attack.  Luckily  he got to the hospital in time and he was 95% blocked in the area called the “widow maker”.  He’s fine now.

So that is 3 bad things for our family….

Hello God….are you listening?  We could use a small break.  I know you are busy fighting a big virus …..I get it….but please a sprinkle of good news would be welcome:)

Alrighty then….let’s take care of a little design business!  I was invited to preview the ASO Showhouse on Thursday so I put on my “Sunday Best” and met my friend Lisa Mowry there for a huge dose of creativity!

It is a “modern” showhouse….and many were still working on their rooms since it didn’t open until Saturday….plus I was running my mouth a bit so my picture taking was a little weak. 

I got there a few minutes before Lisa and so I spent some extra time in the space right off the foyer by Cloth and Kind and I gotta tell ya….it was my fave.  That’s just me….lot’s of organic feels and of course the styling was on point.  That green color….citron or chartreuse was sprinkled throughout the house.

This was a “his” lounge….dark and moody by Justin Q. Williams

The dining area by Barbara Westbook…

I have always loved a space that is both primitive and modern….

More of Barbara’s design in the family room.

Matthew Quinn and team designed a beautiful modern kitchen!

I love the flat cabinet doors with that unusual hardware in the laundry room…..

Here you can see the stairs leading up to bedrooms and and down to a media room with a pretty bar area.

I am all about unusual design and this bathroom by Bradley Odom fits that bill……

The closet was designed as a meditation room… Leah May.  This was another color that I saw throughout the house.

Here you can see the spaces unfold going down the stairs….

More color downstairs with Trinity Design.

Media room by Fifty Eight Interiors

This is not all the rooms…..but like I said the designers were not finished….as this was media day.  Y’all know that Atlanta is known for classic traditional spaces but I think it’s fun to step outside for a little taste of modern.

So….we are back to rain here in Atlanta….4 days of it until the weekend. 

As always….thanks for all of your support on this little social media platform.  I am always amazed when people come here to read me jabbering on about life, design and a little fashion.  

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Yup I will be 68 years old.  I can hardly wrap my head around it….and of course all the changes in the last 6 months.  Cami and I will celebrate together:)

Look at me trying to direct her and she is not having it:)




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