Can You Believe This Georgian Home Was Moved From 30 Miles Away!?

Well, this is the one of the most bizarre home stories I’ve shared… At first glance, this gorgeous Georgian gem looks as though it’s centuries old. Does it have you fooled?!

Modern Country Georgian Home set in the Cotwolds

Would you believe me if I said that it had been moved, stone by stone, from 30 miles away? This is how it was originally….see how the roof and porch are much simpler, the windows are less grand and there are no columns in sight:

Yup, You read that right! The owners dismantled this 18th century house from Wiltshire and their builder painstakingly rebuilt it in Gloucestershire to create the look you see here…so it is, in a rather special way, a new build!

And the most bizarre thing of all, after all that hassle and planning permission quandaries, is that the home was put on the market for sale a couple of years after the mammoth project finished for a whopping £3.75 million, giving the owners very little time to enjoy the fruit of their labours. 

It all started when he owners couldn’t find a home to their liking in their chosen location in the Cotswolds. And what a jaw-dropping location it is! The new house is set in five acres in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Modern Country Georgian house set in five acres of Cotswold countryside

The good news is that the original house was due to be taken down anyway. It was completely derelict and riddled with damp issues. So this was not architectural vandalism but, rather, a case of rescuing an old treasure.

The ‘new’ house has five bedrooms. four bathrooms and four stunning reception rooms, all with a firm nod to its proud Georgian history but fully embracing the 21st century.

Modern Country Georgian home

Shall we take a look around inside? 

It’s, no real surprise, completely gorgeous!…but you’ll have to come back next time to see!

{What a tease, I know!}


Images via Mail Online

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