Light blue can be relaxing while dark
blue can be Loyalty. Most small boys love blue. The blue color is known as calmness,
peace, trust, success, security, stability. Blue is believed to bring down
blood pressure and heart rate if you have noticed in hospitals mostly we have a blue color.


First thing when we thought of green
color, quickly our mind jumps to nature, plants. The green color is like the inspiration for all people, it helps to reduce stress and to relax. We all
should have space which is in green, so it must be anything a room, a dining,
or a cozy corner with plants. It helps us to free our minds from our thoughts. 


The pink color represents empathy, love,
kindness, and femininity. It feels warm and comfortable. Mostly not only
girls but everyone loves pink color. If you love pink color then you are
sensitive, kind, loving, to the needs of others. 


White represents simple, calm, peaceful,
neutral, minimal, clean, soothing. It feels that sometimes without white color
the culture is incomplete. If you paint a white color in a room, space
seems larger to us & spacious. The color white also appears like a blank
canvas, symbolizing a new beginning or a fresh


Grey is a color that is not white nor
black but it’s towards black. Grey knows exactly what it believes, It just isn’t
aloud but moody & neutral. Grey is a soothing & calming color which
nowadays used mostly in commercial and residential spaces. 


Black represents bold, power, and giving
an impression. Black generally correlate with sexiness & seduction. Mostly
teenagers like black color between their transition period to adult. Too much
black can lead to depression & create a negative environment.


 As you have read the above article, you had definitely got some ideas about colors. There is no exact psychology behind colors it’s just theory & meaning of what we feel about the colors. You can use whatever color you want in any space. The only thing you may feel like something different when you are new to that color. Otherwise, you are good to go with any of the colors, just enjoy your life and stay happy.

If you want to know about the Minimalist style in interior design, the link is below.


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