Could a corner spot at home actually be turned into a home office? A number of people work from home, because of COVID-19.So many people are sitting on their couches, beds, chairs, or table. But they aren’t that involved as a workplace, but here are some ideas for building a home office that fits your personality.

need some Memories

you are having a corner space with a table so it’s well and good and those who
are not having a table, you should buy a table from an e-commerce website & a comfortable office chair which you like to sit for some hours.

first thing when you sit on a chair your visual perspective goes on your desk, so you have to add some
personal photos that make you happy & energetic. It’s necessary because it
can make you feel welcoming, and a small start with a happy face makes

Art You Like

In the home office, we can have some artistic art that we want, there are no
restrictions on the number of art we can install on our wall. Everyone has a
small memory of that painting you always thought of ill be installing this in
mine space. Find the kind of painting, artifacts,
and place them randomly in your home
If the only thing that matters is whether you want it or not.

need some fresh air

we are sitting for a long time, we need some fresh oxygen to breathe so it is necessary to
have air-purifying plants that suit are the environment of the space. We should at least have
2 plants in a room to get some quality of air when we breathe. There are
various types of plants have unique colors & textures which will enhance your
home office. 


you are lucky enough for having windows beside your table, then kindly open
that window and get some natural light in your space, because nobody wants to
work in the dark. For those who are comfortable with their natural light than they
should carry on.

those who are not having natural light, then you have to get some artificial
light from the table lamp, tripod stand, or by hanging light.

is the major part when you are working at any place. 

Comfy Rugs & Music

people don’t feel comfortable while working. We all should have a rug under our feet
because it feels warm and cozy. The rugs should be as per our home-style, to follow some style you can see our blogs. Create some character with
the help of the Comfy rug.

are some people who need music while working & I am one of those so we
need to have a small speaker and soft background music. 


keep stuff like frames, plants, books, clock, & artifact so for this lovely
treasure you need something to rest on. You can get various types of designs
like rustic wood,
wood, particle wood, metal racks, rope racks. Just keep in mind while getting
new stuff for your home office your
colors must blend with each other, otherwise, it
can be chaotic. 

We Use

because of COVID-19 mostly people are working from home. So you need to make a video conferencing call so that you need to have a phone stand.  Because most people should not
have a laptop in their homes, and you can’t make a call by catching your phone constantly. Therefore you need a phone stand
for better video conferencing.

we are writing on sticky notes, sketching, or drawing something, after some, the interval of time people tear and throw the page so for that we need a small
trash bin beside our home office table. It is really useful while working at the home office. 



I hope you all have got some idea to add some character to a space like home office & trust me if you will convert
something like this you can feel the positive vibes that you have created on
your own. In this article, I have not included the chair because that is the basic needs that everyone does care about first.  And don’t forget to clear your desk when you are ending for the day
so that when you start again you should be happy while seeing your own desk.
Stay happy, stay safe.

             If you want to know about Color psychology in interior design, the link is below.


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