has always been a central factor in interior design, as it can play with sizes,
modify the sense of space and even dramatize the shapes and textures of the
materials, significantly enhancing their aesthetic features. Yet light plays an important role not only on a decorative basis.


Lighting is
one of the most important aspects of your interior because as illuminating a
room, it can fully turn the appearance of space into something better or worse.
Light is the innovative element that is the most strong of all. A lot of what
we know about our world comes from our eyes, and how we see things depends on
how they are illuminated


  1.  Natural Lighting

Daylight (using curtains, skylights, or light shelves) is often used as the primary source of the lamp in buildings during the daytime. This will save money instead of using
artificial lighting, which is a key component of energy consumption in
buildings. Proper lighting can enhance the efficiency of the task, improve the appearance of the environment, or have positive vibes.

of daylight – The two main reasons for using daylight to fulfill the lighting
needs of architectural space are positive vibes and energy savings. Good
daylight has been shown to increase the overall mood, productivity, and well-being of the inhabitants of the house.


 Artificial Lighting

comparison to natural light artificial light refers to any light source created
by electrical means. Artificial lighting has many different uses and is used in
residential and commercial.  Artificial
lights are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, light-emitting colors,
and brightness levels.

light has the potential to produce a variety of different atmospheres within
the same space making it a kind of “space shaper,” adapting the
environment to the needs of customers. The use of warm lighting, while cold
light promotes mental and physical activity, can create comfortable and relaxed
Therefore, it is obvious, for example, that the lighting requirements
for a living room are not the same as those required in an operating room.
Although dim lighting creates a calming atmosphere in the spaces built for this
purpose, when used in working environments, this same lighting may affect
vision and trigger health problems.

lighting architecture is not just about positioning light sources on a floor
plan, nor is it about choosing fixtures from a catalog. It’s about realizing
that artificial lighting is a powerful design resource for creating various
atmospheres; relaxing, calming, dry … It’s all about using light to create.




The word
‘general lighting’ or ‘ambient lighting’ refers to the level of light at the background
in a specific room. In most workspaces, the minimum level of general lighting
is defined in line with best practice guidelines to ensure protection and allow
for the secure and productive performance of daily visual tasks.

The general
lighting provides a backdrop in applications such as retail, to which accent
lighting is used to highlight different displays of merchandise. In these cases, interaction between general and accent lighting is important in building the right atmosphere to help the shopping experience.

Below are
some examples of the general lighting ideas to use in your house.


Chandelier light
is a branched ornamental light fixture intended to be placed on ceilings.
Chandelier enhances the space and mostly used in the living room and Dining in residential.


A recessed
light or downlight is a light fixture that is mounted inside a ceiling in a
hollow space. It appears to have light emitting from a hole in the ceiling when
mounted, focusing the light as a wide floodlight or a narrow spotlight in a
downward direction.


lighting settings are usually customizable individually, so your lights will go
exactly where you need them to go no matter what. The sleek look and easy usability give every
room in the house an excellent lighting system. Track lighting is great when it comes to modifying a 
room because the lamp positions are so easy to adjust. This type of light fixture is mostly used in a contemporary style and modern style.


Task lighting is lighting that illuminates a given area and makes it easier to perform a job similar to ambient lighting that illuminates a general setting or atmosphere lighting for situational or impact purposes.

lighting is especially important in the commercial spaces sector where tasks
cause eye strain or workers work long hours in front of a screen. Based
lighting is an integral part of an ergonomic workstation because it relieves
the pressure of the eye.


This type
of the fixture, for example, a kitchen island or a table is suspended from the
ceiling and direct light downward. It adds to the element of decoration of a
given space. There various more lights such as Desk lamps, vanity lights, Floor
lamps, Swing arm lamps, Table lamps. 
This type of light fixture is mostly used in an Industrial style, Scandinavian Style and Contemporary style


They are perfect
for kitchens as they illuminate the space and highlight unique features such as
countertops or backsplashes, but there is more. Such lights are often helpful
if they are mounted at the right location to provide additional illumination
for the mission. You can display some treasured items on shelves or in nooks
where cabinet lights can be placed. Profile light is mostly used as an under cabinet light.

3.     3. ACCENT

The accent
lights are usually three times as bright as ambient lights to highlight a
particular object or location. Accent lighting draws attention to a function,
such as artwork, furnishings, or decorative designs, which turn them into focal
points. For this form of lighting adjustable fittings are preferred, as they
allow precision focusing on small areas or objects.

Below are
some examples of the accent lighting ideas to use in your house.


 A light that was or was designed to cast light upwards. It is used to highlight the wall decorative wall or element.


 Picture lights are mounted on the wall or frames of single works of art. It is mostly used in residential spaces.


With a super-slim profile
and relative ease of installation (these lights stick to the surface where you
place them), LED tape has made all kinds of dazzling light effects possible. It
is mainly used in the False ceiling.


Mounted on the surface of the wall, scones may direct light upwards or
downwards, or in both directions, adding style to the room. Modern fittings are more often referred to as wall lights or similar terms, particularly when the source of light is entirely covered with glass.


Ask yourself, as
you prepare your accent lighting, how you want each room to look, and what
features you want to highlight or cover. Consider the location of the artwork
or particularly beautiful furniture pieces you’d like to include. Now is your
chance to think of your home as a work of art, and to properly light it up. Its
very simple to select and to enhance your home with different types of

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