When refurbishing your kitchen or building a new one it
becomes difficult to arrange all the design ideas. So there is a thumb rule
that is called a work triangle kitchen. This concept is made 90 years before
and it still drives today. It was designed to minimize the efforts that cook
take in the kitchen.

The kitchen triangle solves the problem which occurs during
cooking that is workflow, Ergonomics, and Functionality. But is the work
triangle of the kitchen is still relevant today?

Where Did It Originate?

Gilbreth ‘s Kitchen Practical was launched at a Women’s
Exposition in 1929,                                          based on Gilbreth ‘s

motion saving work. Gilbreth referred
to the L-shaped configuration as the “circular routing” that later
came to be called the triangle of kitchen work.

In the 1940s a particular model was
created to tackle the efficiency of the cooking room between the main
workplaces: cooking (range), preparation (sink/dishwasher), and food storage

What Is the Kitchen Work Triangle?

 Placement of the
sink, the cooktop, and the refrigerator. Theoretically, when all three things
are close together (but not too close together), the kitchen will be easy to
use and the cook won’t have to take a lot of unnecessary moves.

There are exceptions to this rule: in single-wall kitchens,
it is geometrically difficult to achieve a true triangle but flexibility can
also be accomplished by the arrangement of the three objects.

For Work Triangle

  • From one point to another point space
    shall be less than 4 ft or more than 9 ft.
  •        Between three-point space should
    be between 12 ft to 27 ft.
  •      No major traffic movements will
    cross the triangle.

is no space limitation, Just remember these are only recommendations if you
want to follow your rules you can but workflow can be affected by the


our kitchens are huge, with more than one cook in many families. Additionally,
today our kitchens have a broader variety of functions than just cooking. These
are also where we enjoy a meal, we have entertainment and we work too. Modern
kitchen designers therefore do not design kitchens exclusively around the
working triangle approach but have followed a working zone approach.


you are about to redesign your kitchen layout or start from scratch, thinking
about the triangle of work and applying its concepts will help you design the
perfect layout for the different areas.

Remember how you’ll be using the kitchen:

  •        How much space do you need to
    cook food?
  •       How much space did you need while washing utensils near the sink?
  •        Where do you have a counter table for breakfasts?
  •       Will, there be a place for children to work?
  •      Can people work in the kitchen at the same time with various tasks that they want?

that your kitchen is built with these things in mind helps you to make the best
possible use of the available space.


the following suggestions when thinking about how to set out your kitchen which
will make it easier to cook in your kitchen:

  •        Make sure your refrigerator
    isn’t too far from the workstation or food storage area so you can easily get
    to the ingredients and don’t bring them up and down the kitchen.
  •      To make washing after meals
    simpler, keep the sink, bin, and dishwasher close to each other, following the
    triangle theory once again but on a smaller scale.
  •       Avoid obstructions within the
    work triangle, ensuring that islands, dining tables, or full-height cabinets do
    not prevent you from moving around the triangle when cooking.
  •      Make sure you have plenty of
    kitchen platform space for chopping and cutting ingredients near the stove, so
    it’s easier to add ingredients to your dishes without dropping them to the
  •      Think
    about where your pans and utensils are going to be stored- ideally, they’ll be
    near your stove, so you can get at them quickly.


The kitchen work triangle is still
I am sure you have got the importance of the kitchen working
triangle and keep in mind that a well-thought kitchen becomes more
Do follow these steps when you are
making a new kitchen or modifying the kitchen. You should always design a space
according to your favorite style.

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