Farrow and Ball Treron- The New Farrow And Ball Colours For 2018

STOP PRESS!! Farrow and Ball have released nine new paint colours for 2018! There are some fantastic Modern Country tones in there and, over the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look together at the new colours and, more importantly, looking behind the hype and marketing to see how you might make each of the new Farrow and Ball paint shades work for you in your Modern Country Style home! 

The new Farrow and Ball paint we’re looking at today is…


Farrow and Ball Treron
So much depth and richness in Farrow and Ball’s Treron paint , shown here by Seschaou

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Colour Study: Farrow and Ball Treron- The New Farrow And Ball Colours For 2018
Press image from Farrow and Ball of Treron in full sun

Farrow and Ball say…

This enduring colour is a dark version of a Farrow & Ball classic Pigeon, hence being named after the green variety of the same species. Although traditional in feel, Treron is perfect for modern homes where lots of natural materials are used or as an accent for both French Gray and our Traditional Neutrals.

Colour Study: Farrow and Ball Treron- The New Farrow And Ball Colours For 2018
I love this press shot from Farrow and Ball, pairing Treron with lots of white.

And Farrow and Ball’s little video…

Modern Country Style says….

Farrow and Ball have really come up trumps with Treron; it’s another one of their cusp colours – that is, you’re never sure whether you’ve been gazing at a grey, a stony greige, a green or a khaki. This one’s a winner as an exterior paint because its stronger tones will retaliate against the bleaching qualities of the sun. And for furniture too, toning beautifully with Hardwick White walls, for those who find the green of Treron a little strong. 

But let’s forget about the gloriously luring temptation of the perfectly styled press shots for a moment. This is how Farrow and Ball Treron really looks…

It’s important to note that under artificial light, Treron takes on a distinctly darker, olive hue. This is not a colour that will fade into the background but, rather, a statement, a centrepiece in itself.

Bedroom painted in Farrow and Ball Treron
Take a look at how Treron becomes a feature wall in a bedroom by crapadventurer and see what I mean. 

But, with lots of light, and judicious use, I think Farrow and Ball Treron fits perfectly into Modern Country Style homes.

…particularly those of you who have a love for the natural, earthy look. A piece or two painted in Farrow and Ball Treron will just sparkle and shine. Though not literally. Unless you’re using gloss. But I digress…

Colour Study: Farrow and Ball Treron- The New Farrow And Ball Colours For 2018
This lovely vignette by Paintpaperltd shows exactly what I mean. 

Next up, under my beady Modern Country Style eye, is another of Farrow and Ball’s new colours for 2018: De nimes…

{Brace yourself. It’s a corker!}

But, until then, 

take good care of yourself, my lovely,


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