Front Doors And Lavender Paths = YUMMY!

If there’s one Modern Country look that never seems to date, never seems tired, never gets old, it’s this: banks of lavender leading up to a gorgeously muted front door.

Modern Country Garden Combos: Lavender And Topiary over on Modern Country Style blog!
Try Little Greene Juniper Ash, Zoffany Sung Mauve, Fired Earth Sea Lavender, Fired Earth Gentian Violet; a beautiful Modern Country planting scheme with four clipped box hedges enclosing swathes of lavender with box balls nestled within; you can never go wrong with lavender leading up to a front door; two standard topiary trees standing as sentinels either side of a door looks da bomb
Lavender lined front door
Lavender lined front door

Lavender-lined paths are seen the world over but especially here in the rolling Cotswolds; stopping to sweep my hand past swathes of lavender is one of life’s great pleasures.

Lavender lined front door at Soho farmhouse
Lavender front door garden

The scene is set to perfection when combined with other greenery, whether that’s a climber such as hydrangea petiolaris scaling the stone walls…

Lavender lined front door and garden
I want my walkway to be a path lined by herbs- lavender, sage, thyme, etc.

…or simply a front door flanked by two lollipop sentinels…

lavender path and lollipop topiary - perfect French garden detailing from How To Choose The Perfect Front Door Colour For Red Brick Houses over on Modern Country Style
Lavender front garden

…or even, if you have the space, lavender plants interspersed with other topiary…

Lavender and topiary front garden
Lavender and topiary front garden

Yes, whether you have an old country pile…

Front Path Lined With Clipped Lavender Garden

…a lovely new-build…

Lavender path newbuild front garden

…a gorgeous Georgian home like me….

Lavender path front door

…this is one look that most definitely isn’t going anywhere.

BUT, ever the realist, what if you don’t have oodles of front garden space to trace out yards of lavender loveliness?? What’s a girl to do if she really, really, reeeeaaalllly wants this look?

Come back next time, my sweets, and I’ll let you into a few of my secrets…

Until then, take extra care of yourselves,


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