Getting The Basics Right In A Period Renovation…

Let’s start where it’s best to start: right at the beginning. Renovating a period house is all about getting the basics right. 

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Put the right building blocks in place and, step by step, you’ll end up with a home that oozes character and charm…. 

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However, if you skip this important process, you’ll end up with a house like any other new-build house. Yes, it may look nice but it will most certainly not resound with period loveliness.

To prove my point, in today’s post, I’ve picked out some beautiful images of period homes but, instead of just giving them an appreciative glance, try and feast your eyes on the mouldings that bring these rooms to life.

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 I’m talking about the door surrounds (architraves), the panelling, the arches, the shutters…. 

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It’s these little touches that make all the difference to the finished look.

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In our teenage boy’s bedroom, many of the period features are, thankfully, already in place. There’s a picture rail, good skirting boards, wooden floorboards and a large sash window. However, at some point the original door architrave has been removed (AAAAARGH!) and replaced by the awful sixties version…..

 It’s not in any way connected to the end vision that I have for this room. Something must be done!!…Come back tomorrow and see what my solution has been…

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