Marble comes from the Ancient Greek term mármaros, which
meaning “crystalline rock, sparkling stone.”


How Marble Is Formed?

 As opposed to magmatic, marble is metamorphic.
When limestone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure during transformation,
metamorphic rock is formed. This mainly happens near the Earth’s crust, along
convergent plate borders. Marble is mostly made of calcite, but it also
contains other minerals such as quartz, micas, and iron oxides,
similar to granite. This stunning natural stone is luxurious with a timeless


Marble has long been regarded as
the stone of kings and gods. If we look closely, we can see that marble was
used to construct historical buildings and monuments. This rock, for example,
was used to construct the Taj Mahal. This rock, however, is still utilized as a
beautiful building material today. Marble is utilized on both the inside and
outside of buildings. These are some of the famous monuments made by marble i.e
Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Parthenon

Extraction and Uses of Marble

Marble is found in huge deposits
that can be hundreds of feet thick and span a large geographic area. Because of
this, it can be mined on a big scale at a low cost, with some mines and
quarries generating millions of tonnes each year. This method is similar to
granite quarry; you may read that blog for additional information on

The majority of marble is turned
into crushed stone or dimension stone. The crushed stone is used in highways,
railroad lines, building foundations, and other types of construction. Marble
is sawed into pieces of particular dimensions to create dimension stone.
Monuments, structures, sculptures, pavements, and other projects all use
these. Due to the presence of calcite, it has been discovered that marble
cleaves more readily than limestone.

Authentic Color of Natural marble

Marble is a light-colored rock in
most cases. It will be white if it is made from limestone with relatively few
impurities. Impurities such as clay minerals, iron oxides, or bituminous
particles can make marble seem black, yellow, pink, grey, or bluish


Some marbles are exceptionally
white. These marbles are used to make whiting, a white powder that is popularly
known as whiting. This is used in paint, putty, plastic, cosmetics, whitewash, paper,
grout, and other manufactured products contain this powder as a coloring agent
and filler.

The Acidic Reaction from Marble

Calcium carbonate is one of the
main components of marble, so therefore it reacts with a variety of acids,
neutralizing the acid. It’s one of the best materials for acid neutralization. Marble
is regularly crushed and used to neutralize the acid in streams, lakes, and
soils. It’s also utilized in the chemical sector for acid neutralization.
Calcium carbonate, which is occasionally manufactured from powdered marble, is
used in pharmaceutical antacid treatments like “Tums.” Acid reflux or
acid indigestion sufferers will benefit from these medications.

As a result, marbles can be crushed
into a powder and used to neutralize acids and remove impurities. Powdered
marble is also used in water treatment and the chemical industry as an
acid-neutralizing agent.

The hardness of a marble

Marble has a hardness of the Mohs
scale because it is made up of calcite. As a result, marble is simple to carve,
making it suitable for sculptures and ornamental things. So if you are
wondering what is Mohs Hardness test it means that is one of the most
significant tests for mineral identification. The Mohs Hardness Scale evaluates
a mineral’s resistance to scratching against ten reference minerals. As shown
below in the image.

 Furthermore, marble is translucent, allowing
light to pass through and emitting a subtle glow. Marble can also be polished
to a high gloss. As a result, it’s also used to make sculptures.


How to Maintain Marble


Marble is very soft and porous
therefore after some time marble stones can be easily damaged by wine, juice, oil,
and anything colorful liquid. Marble is especially sensitive to acidic foods.
You have seen most people buy marble temples for their home, office, etc. We
will strongly recommend people to buy an Italian marble temple because the
white marble fades and becomes yellowish after a few months, and wherever oil
has been accidentally spilled, clean up immediately after contact otherwise the
stain will never go away, and we can see the damage. Italian marble stains, on
the other hand, are rarely seen, so choose wisely.

As a result, we prefer granite
countertops to marble kitchen countertops because we use a lot of spices in our
food in India and marble countertops are easily damaged.

Capability to Accept a Polish

 Marble may be polished to a high luster after
being sanded using a finer coated abrasive particles wheel. This enables
beautiful marble to be cut, polished, and utilized as floor tiles, wall
cladding, façade stone, window framings, window sills, kitchen verticals,
stairs, columns, and a variety of other decorative stone components.


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