How To Choose The Perfect Front Door Colour For Red Brick Houses

Right, enough with the glorious Cotswolds (for now!!). Let’s take a look at a few other different types of houses, and some of the best front door paint colours to not only complement your home but also to absolutely look the biz!! 

And where better to kick off by looking at red brick homes…. 

Now, there are as many types of red bricks as you’ve had hot dinners, and each of these needs slightly different treatment. If you’re blessed with old and mellow red bricks then you’ll have a much freer rein…

Try Farrow and Ball Ammonite and Wevet for a similar front door combo!

However, the main issue with red brick homes is when you’re dying to go for a particular shade but are just not sure whether your red brick is going to dominate too much. This is good thinking. There’s red brick and then there’s red brick. You’re first step is to determine where your house sits on the spectrum.

I’ve divided this post up into the main three issues that you might be facing with more dominant red bricks. Red brick houses can be absolutely stunning in their own right and are in no way to be sniffed at….just look at the gorgeous detailing they can provide:

So please don’t be tempted to paint over your brick home. Take a look at this image below and see how much character the painted house on the right is concealing when compared to the one on the left…

However, because bricks are a dominant colour themselves, they can at first glance appear to limit your front door paint choices.

However, there are several ways round this if you have your heart set on a colour palette that’s super subtle. The first works really well if you have some kind of substantial surround to your front door. 

Think of when you want to wear a certain colour top that you love but may not be one that naturally lights up your face. You might choose to wear it anyway but to soften its impact with a scarf so that there is a break between your own colouring and that of the top. 

In much the same way, you can paint your door surround in a very neutral shade, super pale shades work well, which will dampen the impact of the brick on your front door.

This is also true for not-so-subtle front door paint colours that might otherwise clash with your red brick:

Pink door & roses

The  barrier technique, as I like to call it, can also be used with lush green planting that creates a barrier between your chosen front door paint colour and the red brickwork…

Choosing prominent planting that ties in with your chosen front door colour can also go a long way into distracting the eye away from any dominant brick colour, by bringing other colour to the fore…

Beautiful coloured door with gorgeous white flowered tree outside

And it’s not just the actual brick that matters, the colour of the pointing material, whilst often overlooked, can take a home in a very different direction. Let’s take a look at some examples….

Here a deep greige painted front door (try Farrow and Ball London Clay) helps to pick out the colour of the pointing.

And here the cement grey pointing has been echoed in the door… 

Or what about this creamy clay pointing….

Another route to take is to introduce other materials that counteract the redness of the brick. Look at this lovely example. A mellow-toned stone path has been added so that the warm cream paint has something to hang against.

Afternoon tea

You may find, as in the dark grey feature bricks below, that there is another ornamental colour somewhere on your house that you can draw inspiration from…
lavender path and lollipop topiary - perfect French garden detailing

And, frankly, if it’s good enough for an ex-Prime Minister then it’s good enough for me!!! (I have to confess, my eyes were more taken by the beautiful paint colour on the front door than they were of David Cameron!)…

David Cameron’s home!

What about you? Do you have a red brick home? What would be your top tip to share with lovers of Modern Country Style front doors?

Take care until next time,


Images via :Voysey And Jones, Modern Country Style, Heirloom Philosophy, Claire Richardson, liesbetgoetchaickx, adam van gelderen, Arianna Belle, Rightmove, London Door, Photos From Winchester, I Cut And Stick, LisaMark Robinson, Carmen Monica, insparicionline, unknown, fabrice barbette, Claire Coward Williams, housetohome, Fleaing France, unknown

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