How To Create An Awesome Teenage Boy’s Bedroom That You BOTH Love!!

Okay, so I shared with you that finding a fantastic solution for decorating our teenage boy’s bedroom took some time! We talked and we talked and we talked. Lots of suggestions my end and lots of “no”s from his. Lots of suggestions from his end and lots of “no”s from me!! Have you been there?

This could be the perfect desk for a teenage boy to do his homework...

Let me talk you through the process we came up with that we both found really helpful and led to a perfect result for us all.

I adore this bluey green shade of paint

1) Show each other lots of images that you love. It’s no use at this point narrowing it down to specifics (Do you like this colour paint? Do you like that wardrobe?). You need to get yourself on the same page before you do any of that. This step takes the longest so try your best to both enjoy it!! In this post, you can see some of the gorgeousness that I showed him… 

Farrow and Ball Cromarty

2) With each picture you show each other, try to pinpoint what it is that you love. Gradually a bigger whole will emerge that helps you to prioritise a couple of aesthetics.

Stylish homework space for a teenage boy

3) With time, we were able to come up with the main points that really mattered to us. For me, it was the colour on the walls…I couldn’t bear the thought of one of the rooms in my home making me feel jarred every time I saw it. I totally accept that I’m unusual in my response to colour but I can’t help it. I can’t describe it very well but looking at different colours makes me feel different emotions. Are you the same? 

Gorgeous wall paint

For my lovely son, his priority was to have a place he could draw band logos. This was the image he showed me that was a real turning point for us…..and helped me to see that there could be a great way forward…

Teenage boys room with a music theme

So the solution we came up with was that I choose a wall colour that he can happily live with, and he gets to draw band logos between the picture rail and the ceiling.

The right blue paint can transform a room...

Once we got to this point, it was plain sailing…! I can’t tell you what a great feeling it was once we came to this point of agreement. I hope you’re able to put this into practice yourselves…

Take care time next time,


Images via HeartHome mag, mumsnet, Farrow and Ball, seasons in colour, sfgirlbay, unknown, unknown

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