How To Create Belgian Style With Texture

How To Create Belgian Style Living Rooms

part trois

Today, my sweets we’re looking at the 



that is texture.

Love the rough hewn wood transition to the next room:

Belgian Style interiors, I think we’re all agreed, are utterly gorgeous, perfectly divine….but sometimes *cough* a little on the bland side (though obvs not the heavenly feast we have on show today…).

gorgeous rustic grey pots - Belgian style - original pin note: Het Juttersavontuur #fireplace #belgian:

But but BUT there’s so much inspiration to be had nevertheless, which is why, when perusing these pulchritudinous (thank you, thesaurus) Belgian Style living rooms, we could be asking ourselves:

How can we get Belgian Style to work for us in our own homes?

Linen, Wood, texture & a lovely modern reading light.:

And that’s where those Belgian Style interiors that really stand out above the rest come in. These living rooms I’m sharing today play around delightfully with that often mistakenly bypassed tool:


We need to mix the rough antiques with the fancy stuff to give a relaxed but luxury home look. Like this stool for example:

What these images lack in pops of colour, they make up for in absolute spades by the addition of a huge range of different tactile materials.

In the master bath, a fancy, highly carved wood chair, sits next to an unexpected contemporary canvas. Belgian design is all about the mood, the quiet colors, the sparseness of the interiors against the vastness of the architecture, and the textures – the rough, rustic touches mixed with smooth, shiny crystals and glass.:

I’m talking about the roughly carved wood, cool-under-the-feet stone flags, the gentle weave of the fabrics, the dull shine of ironwork, soft linens…yes, even twiggy branches….

Art De Vivre by Francine Gardner: Modern Country by Axel Vervoordt:

All these combine to bring a visual delight that, whilst, true, it doesn’t just pop out at you like a shot of fluorescent pink might, Belgian Style interiors are all the more precious for their subtlety.

Belgian Style living rooms master the art of the understated, and the key to making sure that this look keeps you on your toes aesthetically is that bombardment of a feast of different textures.

And who in their right mind would say no to a feast?!

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