Meditation Space
In Your Home: Create Your Own Meditation Space

We live in a hectic world, where everyone struggles to achieve their goals, to accomplish what they want to become in their individual lives, but peace of mind and happiness
of life are
two aspects that we take for granted. It is
obvious that every single person understands the values of it, but then also we
ignored it. In this pandemic situation, people are getting frustrated because
of various reasons that increase the stress level and it ends up with mental
and physical illness, for that to relax the mind we have to do meditation as
much as possible. Meditation is the practice where a person uses the technique
to improve self-realization and enlightenment.

In this blog, I
will guide you about how to create meditation space in your home. Your home is
an ultimate reflection of your personality, this is one of the crucial parts of
your life and witness of many good memories, that’s why it is necessary to make
it special in having a separate space for meditation to yourself. You can make it
as per your choices such as preferable colors for decoration, fabric or walls,
a perfect place in your home where you can settle your mind, and things that
will be required to create meditation space.

To create a meditation
space you need calm and a peaceful place in your home, where you can improve
your meditation practice, and get that peace and calm that required for your
mental and physical health. The meditation technique can be improved by a comfortable atmosphere and meaningful design details, which you can do in your own home
without needing to go to the center.

5 Steps To Create A Simple And Cost-Effective
Home Meditation Space

Selection Of A Space

It is important
to select the best place which is calm, peaceful, and away from a traffic zone.
The meditation place would be a soft corner in your bedroom or the living room
and even if a complete room which is a kind of activity room or home office, these
are the places where you can create your own meditation space. Just you need to
take care of one thing that, avoid cooking, sleeping, working, or watching
anything on the screen on that meditation space. Again, it is not a thumb rule
because if you have limited space to use then it is quite working as a general
activity space. In case there is no separate place to meditate, then create it
with some comfortable floor cushions or even a comfortable chair when you will
go to meditate. Because at the end size of the place doesn’t matter, all matter
is the emotions, ambiance, and surroundings of that place.

Make It Comfortable

When you will be done by selecting a space for
meditation now makes it comfortable. For seating, you can use floor cushions
with a soft rug or even a serene and warm chair, anywhere you can sit straight,
open up your heart, and feel relaxed. Avoid too many prints and lots of colors
for fabric, make it simple, minimal, and yet cozy, where you can sit comfortably
and concentrate on your mind.

Decoration In A Peaceful Way

Make the meditation area subtle and simple
with selective décor accessories and artifacts, because this decoration will
give the breath to space. For decoration, you can keep the special meaning or
calm painting on a wall, or any other wall hanging and it should be subtle. You
can keep planters as well; it will give you a refreshing feel and fresh air for
that you can keep any indoor plants. A bohemian style decor is a good option for decoration with having
minimal approach because bohemian style is all about pops of colors, patterns,
and decoration which may not truly preferable to meditation spaces.

Subtle Ambient Lighting

For meditation calm ambiance is an important
element because then only you can focus on your meditation more deeply.
Lighting should be warm and calm, no bright light or colorful light is
preferable, it may lead to distraction and you will not concentrate on the
practice. There are various types of light such
as ambient lighting, pendant lighting, or even a floor lamp and a more
decorative purpose lantern will lighten up your cozy meditation space.

Create Ambiance

To set the mood of meditation you have to
create that ambiance which will help you to settle up the mind easily, get away
from stress quickly, and feel happy and refreshed while meditating. Diffusing
the air with essential oils is a great idea or having some soy wax, beeswax,
and flower scent candles to create a refreshing ambiance. Also, soft music or
even natural sounds get a fresh and calm feel. 

These are five steps to create a meditation
space in your home. You can design the space according to your style or what
things can help you to do meditation such as decoration and an ambiance. After
all, an essential part is that you have to do meditation daily because it will
help you to build the skill to manage your stress, increase self-awareness,
reducing negative emotions and thoughts, increasing creativity and imagination
power, and last but not least increasing patience and strength.

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