In multinational
companies or big organizations, there is a professional person to handle
projects of the company, i.e. project manager. But what if the organization is
small or maybe just freelancers like us?

We have just
finished our four sites by one after one, their lot of the things we learned
about managing the projects, sometimes situations were positive or vise-versa
but the main thing is now we have our lesson learned to improve further. We got
used to our unpredictable schedule days such as we started our day with one
project site visit, then somewhere selection of the materials, then afternoon
spend on another site visit & after that day ended with unexpected or
unplanned meetings of another project.

If that describes
you, here are some ideas to help you properly organize and handle several
projects. These eight tips have helped us and we are confident that they will help
you as well.

1. Make A Plan Before Starting Anything 

This is a
necessary point in respect of managing multiple projects & their n number
of tasks. Before starting any project make a proper plan or schedule for it.
Your planning depends on the project timeline & its work in progress. You
can schedule all the tasks according to planning like when will be the project
has to be delivered? what if two or more projects finishing times will same?
How work should be distributed? If you are a single person who will play the
entire game alone then how it will work? There are several tasks that 
have to be
considered while planning & it should be starting of anything related to

2. Organization  

Stay organized all the time, keep all the
things in a loop that maybe project meetings, their reviews, updated changes of
the project, cost, bill & payments documentation & so on & so
forth. Note everything in detail & organized it with the help of using
processes, systems, frameworks, and software it ensures that you can always
locate documentation and plans relevant to a specific project or client. Make
sure you have quick access to project schedules and To-Do lists for your

3. Manage Your Time

Manage your time in such a way that you must
block it. You can monitor your time using several time management strategies.
If you will be juggling many projects, it is clear that you will need to be a
multitasker and complete several tasks in a day, which will be possible if your
daily schedule is well managed. This schedule should be a reflection of project
requirements & management points of view. 

4. Prioritize Your Tasks  

Always prioritize your task according to
project requirements & priorities. Without knowing what is a priority for a
particular project or for that particular time, in the end, you will get in the
trouble of completing an unknowing task.

Task priority always depends on the projects,
their budgets, timelines & many things & if you know all the things so
you can prioritize all the tasks for you or your team so further there will be
no chaos.  

5. Communication

Communication is the key to successfully
completing any project. It means you should communicate with your client, your
team, vendors & contractors regularly. This will help you to stay alive in
the project while handling multiple projects. Proper communication will guide
you to take fast & healthy decisions, to do project management & time

6. Always Be Flexible 

Keep in mind that
you have to be flexible in the work point of view, there is no guess that when
should you have to do several important activities at a time. Assume you have
set a time today to work on Project A, an emergency arises on Project B and you’re
called to deal with that. At that time a flexible attitude goes a long way to
helping you to deal with this kind of multitasking project management

7. Set Targets

Whatever task you will be prioritizing or
lining up the particular task you should target it, that when & how it
should be completed? These targets can be daily, weekly, monthly but with a
proper deadline, setting up goals or targets encourages you & your team to
do better work & it will not only beneficial to you but also the complete

8. Manage Expectations

Last but not the least, manage expectations.
This is essential to manage the expectation of everyone who is involved in the
project. Always stay updated on the communication point of view, let the people
know that when & how you will be complete the project so that they can
know what to expect at all the time & there will be no mess at the end. But
by any chance, there will be a situation where you have not to complete a
particular task then, let the people know about all the situation it will help
you to build trust & powerful communication.

This is our experience while initial multiple
project handling, we will hope that these tips will help you to consider each detail that will be essential to manage & complete any project.  Do let us know if you have gone through the same challenges in your projects. Comment down below, it will help us to grow by sharing the experience.

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