How To Make Scandinavian Living Room

The Scandinavian design style is one of the sensations of
today’s design world. This style flourished in the mid 20th century and stunned
the entire world. This style represents simplicity and functionality,
Scandinavian has a similar feature same as minimalism.

Scandinavian design style characterized by simplicity, and
functionality. All Scandinavian designers are inspired by its prime feature of
functionality, here design is created for its primary use to highlight the
functionality and not as a decorative purpose. 

If you want to understand from where did Scandinavian style
started you can check this blog. Let’s see a Scandinavian style is really about
functionality in everything which human can afford or

Neutral Colors

When you enter any house the first big character will be
your walls so make it simple and clean as per style.
Winters are long and dark in Northern Europe, with few hours of daylight
therefore we use bright colors to enhance the living room. Walls are frequently
painted in white in modern Scandinavian home decor, to make the furniture and
decoration elements stand out.

The color would be like white, bright grey, tan and neutral
colors, using these colors may
enlighten your living room with subtle ambiance. If you want some bold or dark
colors to your home then make sure it can be on accent accessories, graphics  of wall painting or patterns on soft furnishing
but avoid on a wall. 

& Clean Furniture

At that time, Scandinavian homes were very
small so space was supposed to be useful, clean & decluttered. Even if the
room size is big, there should be minimal functional furniture and accessories.
The Scandinavian furniture is a more towards warm wood color, subtle curves,
gentle lines, and tapered legs. These elements should be present in
Scandinavian furniture.


The Scandinavian living room should have a welcoming atmosphere and the easiest way
to do that is by having plenty of light to enter the room. In a Scandinavian
style, window treatment has to be kept to a minimum in order not to obstruct
the sun. The window treatment should be light & more use of sheer or
transparent curtains to enter ample light in the living room. We recommend
window glass without the film.


The flooring will make any Scandinavian living room look
brighter and more spacious while at the same time evoking a more friendly and
inviting atmosphere. Bright flooring is a great idea for a Scandinavian living
room. The bright wood oak flooring makes the space airy, open, and tidy and
draws attention to spatial architecture
and construction craftsmanship. The rug must be bright and comfy in geometric
patterns, In Scandinavian style wall to wall carpet is functional because of
its feature of visual expansion by floor. 


Lighting is the major role in
Scandinavian Livingroom because the Nordic countries get a few hours of
sunlight. So it’s very important to focus on artificial light when there is no
natural light. Lighting is considered to be a source of life and the
Scandinavian decoration has
different types of lighting to provide sufficient lighting in the room. Mostly
lighting like a pendant lamp, wall sconce light.

In any space that needs direct,
task-oriented, or ambient lighting, Pendant lighting, and Chandelier is ideal,
and they are good in living rooms, as well as in the dining area. Various
finishes are there like metal, concrete, matt, ceramic these all are used in the Scandinavian style
living room. 

Comfy Fabric

Most Nordic countries have highly cold-temperature
conditions thus the use of warm fabric is common to Scandinavian home decoration.
Scandinavian patterns are inspired by their culture which is organic shapes,
compositions influenced by nature. Rugs and Throw pillow must be bright in
color. A warm fabric accessory is a great
way to make a Scandinavian living room feel cozy and dry. 

& Artwork

In most
Scandinavian homes, you won’t find colorful artwork, but that doesn’t mean that
the Scandi design is not colorful in art. The artwork will be simple as real
and bright in color. Choose decorative accents which as simple designs and you
can keep elegant ceramic vases on the center table. The frames should be clean
and smooth, and the colors which you should select would be a single tone color
which can be black, white, or oak light brown. The artwork which you are
choosing must be purposeful to showcase in the space.

Add Some

The living
room is the space where you spend most of the time thus, we should add life
into that space to enhance it by adding green into it. Air-purifying indoor
plants help to breathe much easier and connect the nature from outside. Plants,
flowers, and other botanicals are used to brighten up space, and most indoor
plants like monstera, Fern plants are potted.


The Scandinavian design style is a perfect connection with nature, showcasing the simplicity & functionality. There are many boutiques & stores of Scandinavian style furniture, decor, and daily utilities so that you can get the style easily into your space. If you want to refresh your living room interior with a calm & refreshing look then the Scandinavian style is perfect for you.

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