The Swedish brand and the world’s leading home furnishings retailer
has announced that they are launching in Navi Mumbai. The store will open on
December 18, 2020. IKEA aspires to improve the quality of life for the many
people who have big dreams but small budgets. We will just share our first
experience in IKEA through this blog.

How we booked

Due to Covid, the management team had come up with a very
good idea i.e they had decided to give the customers a timing slot to enter the
store. So we had to visit the IKEA official registration page and then we had
to choose a date and time slot and after that, we have to choose a number of
guests, then they will resend the barcode scanner to your registered mobile
number. These all formalities we had done before the visit.

When we arrived

We were 500 meters away from the store and had seen a large IKEA logo
while driving, then when we reached the entrance, our curiosity level increased
significantly; the façade was so massive and stunning. The security guards were
well coordinated by the squad, the wow factor came after seeing the massive
parking lot.

3.      Pass through the Security checkpoint

When we first stepped into the store we saw that people were so excited
to see the store. Some had come with their friends, while others were students and designers. Some of them were trying out the furniture. And then we decided
to go restroom first and then shopping. We were amazed to find the restroom so
clean and tidy when we entered it.

Lots of Set design

There were numerous sets designed to highlight the product, the majority
of which were Scandinavian in style but a variety of color palettes. Sets of
showers, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and so on. In that set, you can
purchase anything from the ceiling to the floor, for example, a
chandelier, a television unit, a photo frame, a couch, a center table, and an
artifact. As a result, clients found it very straightforward to understand the
principle that had already been applied.


Variety of furniture

We saw loose chairs, couches, armchairs, service tables, mirrors,
dressing tables, shoe racks, crockery, and home décor, and we photographed some
of them. If you haven’t decided what you want to pick, you’ll be confused the
entire time. Since there are so many different types in each sector. The carpet
cost in the Soft Furnishing section was determined by the density of the rug,
and there were various colors in various styles such as traditional,
contemporary, Scandinavian, and so on. It ranged in thickness from 15 mm to 50


Organized Wardrobe & Lighting

There are many clothes in your closet that you spend 2 minutes only for
looking. So, there was a Stuc box of
compartments with many variety and different colors. You can even buy a wardrobe
for your bedroom. Like sliding wardrobe, 
Wardrobe with shutter also available in different sizes and colors.

 IKEA had all kinds of decorations,
like hanging lights, side table lamps, wall lights, and so on 


7.    Photo frames with Greenary & Fragrance

The frame sizes ranged from 4inches to 3feet, and you could get anything
you wanted, with various styles of frames and images. If you like gallery
walls, you will love this section.  We were shocked to see indoor plants
over there; how do they maintain the plants alive? You can simply decorate your
living room to your bedroom since there are so many different styles and sizes
of artificial plants with colorful pots available.

There were also candles of various colors and fragrances of scents.
You’ll be confused about which one to buy because they all smelled so good. It
would be the best artificial flower and scented candle combination.



  • You should have at least 3-5 Hours to explore the IKEA (at-least for the
    1st time )
  • You’ll
    be walking a lot. So, while visiting, be aware of the footwear you wear.
  • If you don’t know what you want to choose before you go,
    you’ll get lost in the maze.
  • We would recommend that if you are renovating your house,
    this is the best place to get your new products. Also, if you want to replace
    the products. Otherwise, you will receive the previously purchased products. We
    hope that you can relate to this activity when you go to IKEA. If you like our
    personal experience do comment and let us know.

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