Many people
nowadays are familiar with the terms interior design, interior decorating, and
interior styling, but only a few understand what they imply. These three terms
appear to be pretty similar, however, there are several differences that
distinguish them completely.

If you want to
design your home from a professional but you don’t know that exactly which
service is preferable or convenient to you then, first you should know the exact meaning of these services, you have to understand it and then you can
prefer what you want specifically.

What Is Interior Design?

Interior designing is one of the most creative, exciting, and
extraordinary professions. Interior design is the consolidation of art, science,
and technology that manipulates colors, forms, textures, visuals, space, and
light to enhance the quality of human life. In another way, interior design
means understanding the human behavior to create esthetically pleasing as well
as functional spaces which will add meaning into the life of a person for whom
that particular space will design. And one more fact is we all are surrounded
by this field by default like from your home to your workplace, from restaurants
to malls, hospitals, retail shops so on and so forth so you can imagine that
how extensive and massive the field is.

From conceptualization to the end result of the project every process
comes in an interior design like conceptualization, problem-solving, style,
themes consolidation, material selection & implementation, executing, and
final finishing of the project. Basically, these are the elements that come in
the service title. And an interior designer is the prime character who role
this complete setup.

All things are covered from flooring, lighting, furnishing, color combination, and artifacts to create a complete interior design look

What Is Interior Decorating?

Interior designing the wider term and it has its sub-parts. In that
interior decorating is the popular term like interior design. But this widely
being a confusing term with interior design.

Interior decorating is the art of decorating a residential home or
commercial enterprise according to a client’s unique tastes and style.
Here, color schemes, flooring materials, furniture,
furnishing, artwork, décor, and accessories are all part of the process.
It transforms a space into an aesthetically
beautiful and cost-effective design.

So, if you want to refresh your space like you want to change colors or
furniture placement, furnishing, or decoration with some limited changes and in
a budget-friendly way then, this service is maybe for you. Just point to be
noted that here decorator can not give any suggestions or designs on structural
changes, it is not authorized.


Interior decorating of a living room where color combination, furniture, artifacts are perfectly blended together.

What Is Interior Styling?

Again this term is also an extension of interior designing but very few
of us know it exactly. It slightly overlapped with interior design and interior
decorating terms.

Interior styling essentially involves getting ready for a photoshoot but
there are no restrictions that you have to do it for picture-perfect only but
beyond this interior styling means reflecting a unique personality, test,
preferences of the person to whom that styling will happen in a particular
space, whether it home or workplace. It is what happens once the design concept
has been finalized and carried out. It’s the topping on the cake.

For example, you have the proper accessories, but they are not being
shown optimally such as bookcases, coffee-dining tables, cozy corner, tv unit
or it could be anything. So basically here interior stylist will come and
accessorized, style your space according to your personality, your style that
will reflect in that space.

But more than home styling, Interior styling is more well-known in
magazines, television, and other forms of visual media, where styling has done
to showcase the product or sell the product.

Home Styling (cozy corner)    
Product styling (furniture showcasing)





Interior Designing Vs. Interior Decorating Vs.
Interior Styling In A Nutshell

Interior designing is the end-to-end service where the designer has to study
the behavior of the person & accordingly that an entire design process will
happen. In this service, concepts, styles, themes play an important role to
achieve the esthetically functional design.

Interior decorating means decorating, adorning the spaces with adding
decorative elements to achieve an esthetically pleasing look. In this service,
design styles play an important role to complete any decoration of the space.

Interior styling is basically, styling the space according to the
personality, style of the person for whom a particular space is styling. In
this service, the personality of the person is an important thing to style the

Interior design is the wider term and in that
like these, all other terms have come into consideration. And you should know
all of these because it will help you to select service accordingly that will
go with you, suits you from convenience & budget point of you.


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