Doing any
design-related work is itself a challenging task & why should not? If you
are doing any creative work you should have to come up with a compilation of
many ideas & their representation which is quite difficult but it shapes up
the design that is why creating a design has a challenge in itself.

This competitive world has a bunch of opportunities with exceptional challenges it means every industry is facing it, and if we talk particularly about interior design then
there are regular challenges which interior designer face in their entire
journey & especially at the start of their journey where they work on
their projects. We will see what are these challenges and how to face them.

1. Time Management

If you are
working at an office or you run your firm or else doing freelancing, you should
keep in mind that time management is an important factor all the time & it
is tough but with day-by-day experience, you can learn how to manage.

Being an interior designer you have to keep all the activities in the loop according to the time
because every activity includes many factors like clients, vendors,
contractors, even you & your time so it should be soft running without
wasting anyone’s time. For that, you can create particular scheduling with the help of suitable software & share it with your team, also if necessary then
Share it with other people who are included in the project, it will help you to
mage the time & create a healthy environment within you & your project
with less obstacle. 

2. Selling Your Great Ideas

Selling your
ideas or presenting your ideas is the biggest challenge that every designer
face during their initial projects because every time while presenting you have
just some reference images or layout or 3D views that are still imagery &
on that, the client has to understand it which is quite difficult for him to
grasp & accept because It’s hard to sell something that doesn’t tangibly
exist. So take a breath in & do whatever that you can do to convey your
ideas to the client such as show them real material samples, mood boards,
sketches so they can understand your design & make the further path

3. Working With The Quick Turnarounds

Always client gave a tight schedule to complete
his project that means it could be one month or a week for that you have to
prepare. There are many situations that will come to be as an obstacle such as the on-site design change, shortage of cash flow & so many but here your role
is important, which means here your time management, work balance &
organization skills are really put on to the test. But with experience &
soft managing skills, you can learn to work with fast turnarounds.

4. Maintaining Client Expectations

Being an interior designer you have to
maintain & complete the sky-high expectations of the client because that is
what your profession is all about. In initial projects, it might get tough to
balance everything that client wants with constant changes or design iterations
but do prepare for that because restriction will come but you have to work with
many people & manage their expectations & preferences. Stand strong
& set the boundaries, make the budget & sincerely follow time

5. Project Management 

Project Management is a wide subject of
managing projects that could be any but specifically, in interior design, it is
a center of designing & execution of any project. Initially, you may get
confused while managing the project but be experiment-oriented after some
projects you can find & create your easy & comfortable way of managing
the project. For that, you need to set your particular processes which will run
an entire work smoothly. You need to schedule every activity related to the
project properly in a particular project management format that can be followed

6. Managing Clients

Managing Clients with all other people such as
vendors, contractors & laborers is a challenging task for every designer.
But in that people client is the topmost individual who is important in the
list. Several design changes will happen, in that client will overpower you but
still, without getting discouraged you have to manage the clients, their
expectations & complete their wishes for what you have chosen by them. For
that, you need to give proper updates to the client, make a healthy
relationship & good communication with the client so he can trust you &
work will continue smoothly.

7. Managing Bills & Payments

In initial time managing project bills &
payment installments are quite difficult because designing the project is
another world of work & manage their bills while work-in-progress is
altogether different, it’s better to manage it from time to time so that, there
will be no confusion or obstacles in a project’s progress. There are many
payments you have to take & to give in between project so manage it with
the help of a particular software where you can record all the things, maintain
a cash book kind of things where you can manage any cash payments.

8. Coordination With Vendors & Contractors

How you manage the clients, in the same way,
coordination with vendors, contractors & labours is important because these
are the people who shape your drafted imaginary picture into the real, so here you
have to build your strong communication with them, involve in every stage where
your presence is a must, build their trust so you can frame your team to work
further because initially creating your team is important for every designer.

9. Managing Cost

If you are taking turn-key projects it means
every design-related work will be done by your team & your execution. In a
few initial projects, it will be challenging but after getting the experience
you will learn that how to manage the entire cost of the project. Here you need
to follow your quotation or budget what you have given to the client & then
make the payment of contractors, vendors, or paying bills of material according
to that. But here the catch is your quotation is a high detail-oriented where
you have put everything that will come under it or not. 

10. Managing Finishing Work

Many times especially, in early projects you
will feel difficult to manage, or in the end, you will get in trouble by fixing
the final work of the project but for that, your project management skill will
help you out & manage work. In finishing work you can find pending work
such as the selection of artifacts, plants, loose cushions or pillows, some
last touchups for a particular space &, etc. but if you manage all the
things in the loop from starting then these types of situation you can manage

11. Working On The Go

Considering that you have not an office or you
are other than the workplace, it doesn’t mean work stops. In interior design,
some specific software is used so you can find it difficult to manage it but
for that, you need to create your back up plans such as always make sort PDFs
or your running work, keep one small sketchbook with you, use cloud-based
software, etc that can help you to work anywhere & anytime.

12. Always Stay Positive & Motivated

Interior designing is a huge industry, herein
a single project you can learn several things that could give you demotivation
or motivation. Initially, this is important because you are new to the field
& exploring its branches, in between, many situations will come to distract
you but always keep in mind that struggle is the key to success & for that,
you have to stay motivated & positive always. Self-motivation is the best thing that can give you push up towards doing further work. Keep yourself
updated with the latest technologies & trends that have come in this industry they will give you confidence.  

This blog writing comes from our own
experience of doing initial projects, that we are sharing with you. We hope
this blog post will help you to understand the basic challenges that every designer will face during their initial project work & how to tackle it by
just improvising your professional & soft skills.

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