Everyone wants their kitchen to
appear spacious and tidy, and the best way to achieve these qualities is to
understand color psychology in interior design. White is the color of purity
and cleanliness. As the Minimal interior has grown in popularity in recent
years, more and more designers are moving toward all-white walls and minimal white furniture. White interiors can feel new and modern.

Now we will discuss the key
component of the kitchen, which is the Kitchen Platform. We’ll talk about the kitchen countertop material which is G5. This
blog will discuss the texture, size, price, and Pros and cons of G5. Continue
reading by scrolling down.

G5 is also known as nano white, G5 crystallized
glass is more often referred to as nano white. This material is exclusively
imported from China and is an excellent way to add elegance and a high-end
luxury look to the decor of the home.
So, if you’re looking for a trendy
new material that can resolve the drawbacks of natural white marble. So far G5
is the purest white color available compare to any other materials.

How is G5 nano white formed?

It is made up of fine glass
crystals + marble powder + binder + silica and other minerals. The silica-based mixture is poured into a mould that produces nano white slabs or sheets and
subjected to extremely high temperatures and pressure for approximately
26–28 hours. It’s important to remember that one side of the nano white is
glossy, while the other is rough.
So, if you’re using it in the
kitchen vertical, make a sandwich out of two opposite slabs of G5.

What are the various types of nano

Nano white is available in three
different varieties: G3, G4, and G5. The only difference between these three
forms is the ease with which they can be cut. G5 is the most easier and
brighter than the other two of them.

It’s a shiny, high-quality marble
with a highly reflective layer and also G5 nano white has a milky white color,
while the G3 and G4 have some black spots on them and they are quite older too
to use. As a result, it is recommended that you acquire the G5 nano white for
your home.

The available sizes are as follows:

It can be available in various sizes from 7’0” x  5’0” to 10’0” x  5’0” &
7’0” x 4’0” to 10’0” x 4’0” but also it depends on what slabs
they are having in their warehouse.

Why has G5 nano white been so

It is a strong, long-lasting, and
extremely durable material that cannot be broken or cut off easily.

Easily moulded or half-rounded on
the edge of the nano white.

Since this material is dense and
non-porous, scratch, and acid-resistant, but it is not stained resistant.

 Since it is made of natural minerals, it is both
eco-friendly and recyclable therefore it is easy to maintain.

It does not require sealing.

It is one of the most hygienic
materials because it does not allow bacteria, viruses, or fungus to develop.
Therefore highly recommended in the market.

 G5 Nano white’s milky white color and highly
reflective surface makes it a common substitution for any solid materials
available in the market.

Nano white is resistant to fire.
Hot pots can be placed on the surface. It is also an excellent material for
cold or humid climates.

 Nano white does not bend, crack, or turns
yellow when exposed to sunlight, and it does not change color.

What are the drawbacks of the G5 nano

If turmeric or some other colorful
liquid substance falls on the G5, make sure to clean it within 10-15 minutes or
the stain will appear.

G5 Nano white marble is expensive.

Another drawback of nano white is
that it darkens the joint lines over time. For example, if you have a joint in
an l-shaped kitchen countertop, you must grout in the middle of the G5, and
that grouting will turn white to black after a certain amount of time.

Since nano white is a very hard
material, only specialized contractors can deal with it and install it. Because
of its solid surface, it is difficult to cut.

Since it is made of crystallized
glass, it cannot have any inlay work.


Where does G5 mostly use for?

G5 is widely used for countertops
in the kitchen and bathrooms. Also uses as tiles for flooring or the island kitchen
platform, Dining tabletop, Kitchen backsplash, window framings, sills, and so

What is the cost of G5 nano white
in India?

G5 is available at each of your
local marble or granite outlets. Prices differ from one retailer to another.
The price of 20mm thick nano white begins at Rs 380-450 per sqft. You can ask
the vendor to cut the slabs and buy as per your requirement.  Now some vendors sell it according to the slab,
or you may even find vendors who sell it customized as per your requirement.

Ex. You have to cut G5 for the sink,
so you can tell the vendor to cut it as per your sink size and transport it.
They will charge you according to size but it will be easy for you to install. Charges
are 15 rupees per sqft.

Mostly, contractors cut the G5
on-site for Kitchen for inbuilt-hob because it will be more accurate when the
product is along with you on-site for measurement purposes. But some vendors
charge according to slab only, don’t purchase it from them if not required.

We would recommend you to use
G5 nano white as a kitchen platform if it’s in your budget go for
it. I believe it would be a beautiful addition to any home. The above image is one of our client’s kitchens, I hope you will like this project. You
can hire us for such a more concept-oriented project.

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