Making The Most Of Your Original Wooden Floors

I hope you all had the most wonderful Easter break. I’ve eaten triple my weight in chocolate but I’m telling myself that’s probably okay as I expended so much energy searching for them in our epic Easter Egg hunt!!Today I want to talk about original wooden floors: where they work fantastically and where they’re just wrong, soooo wrong!

Wooden floor with grey brick. Love!:

Don’t be misled by gorgeous photos of wooden floors and think that yours will look the same. An original wooden floor is a very different beast to a fitted wooden floor. 

staircase and sash and case window. and wooden floors

If you have a particular look in mind, it’s worth carefully considering of your original floorboards will take it. For example, old, worn boards will look beautifully authentic but probably won’t be able to pull of modern and sleek very easily as new wooden floors can. Take this beautiful space as an example of a fitted wooden floor, designed to look like an original:

Wooden floor in bathroom

..the same goes for this beautiful kitchen:

white subway tile backsplash :: muted moss green cabinets :: pendant ceiling light :: range oven :: wooden floors:

Original wooden floors can give quite a stark feel. The lack of carpet means that sound will bounce around the room much more and everything will echo. To counteract this, make sure you include lots of soft furnishings to soak up all that noise. I’m talking cushions, throws, armchairs, puddling curtains…

Modern farmhouse all white + wooden floors, farmhouse modern, neutral, white house interiors, white ceiling:

Wooden floors are a fantastic choice for children’s bedrooms where spillages (and they will happen!) can be easily mopped up, rather than ruining your best cream carpet! I’ve chosen wooden floors for our children in each of our homes and its been one of the best things we’ve done in their rooms to give a Modern Country feel with a super practical finish.

Wooden floor in hall

And while we’re on the subject of children…

cast iron bed.  club chair. exposed weathered beams.  worn wooden floors.  mismatching brick walls.  this bedroom is everything.:

Don’t even consider original wooden floors in a bathroom, less so in a bathroom with a loo. And please never, ever in a bathroom with a loo, with a little boy in the family. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!!

White painted wooden floor in bathroom

One of the (many!) things that drew me to our new home were the fantastic wooden floors in so many of the room. However, it’s worth mentioning that you need to think about draught-proofing your floors. I’ll share with you my favourite way of doing that very soon!

wooden floor bedroom - wish this was my bedroom ❤

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