Modern Country Style: Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Modern Calligraphy: YouTube Resources

Let’s kick of this li’l series on The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Modern Calligraphy by looking at some of my most-used teaching resources. There are lots of books and videos floating out there at the moment, so I’ve scoured through LOTS on of the information out there on your behalf and picked out for the very best, that I’ve found invaluable along the way to help me learn.

There’s also a couple of YouTube videos that I want to show you. Please bear in mind that some of the best YouTube videos are sometimes overlooked because they’re not professionally presented….so look past the background noise and the lack of gimmicks or finesse and focus on the content! 

This first video was the one that made me start to think that Modern Calligraphy was something I could get the hang of, and certainly taught me that you could learn to fake it till you make it (for the record, not nearly as satisfying as the real thing but a lot less effort)! It really gets going from about the four minute mark…. 

The second video is the one that really gave me the kick to start for myself. It made me think, not only this is something I can actually do, but also that Modern Calligraphy would be a hobby that I’d LOVE!

Take a look….

So, now we’ve established that Modern Calligraphy is a totally achievable skill, let me give a little caution. This is not a skill that you can just magic up with a couple of glances at Pinterest. IT does take time, and learning from people who’ve trod the path before you is the best, and most enjoyable way to learn, as they beckon you happily forward.

With that in mind, I’ll be shortly sharing some of my favourite books and tools that I hope will completely inspire you to get cracking with Modern Calligraphy!….

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