Modern Country Style: Farrow and Ball Cromarty

STOP PRESS!! Farrow and Ball have released nine new paint colours for 2016! There are some fantastic Modern Country tones in there and, this week, having had the privilege of using them all already, I’ll be giving you the low-down and sharing my favourites new Farrow and Ball paint colours with you. 

Today’s offering is…


Farrow and Ball say:

Cromarty’s name is taken from Cromarty Firth estuary and conjures up visions of swirling mists.It is the lightest colour in the Mizzle, Blue Gray, Pigeon family and is pretty and its ease of use means that it can create the softest of rooms which are neither too blue nor too grey. It is the perfect tone for those who like to keep things soft and muted. In west-facing rooms the colour can change dramatically from neutral through to a fresh warmer blue.

Farrow and Ball say Cromarty looks like this wall colour below, rather a washed out grey, but it really doesn’t!

Farrow and Ball Cromarty
Farrow and Ball Cromarty

The good news, it’s a million times better!

Here’s their video…

{NB It’s definitely spelt Cromarty – I think Farrow and Ball must have been playing with Chromarty as an alternative spelling!}

Modern Country Style says:

Cromarty reminds me of a slightly more coloured, warmer and ever-so-slightly greener Farrow and Ball Light Blue. It gives the same soft sense of calm. 

This is what you should expect… 

Farrow and Ball Cromarty
Farrow and Ball Cromarty

Farrow and Ball Cromarty
Farrow and Ball Cromarty

It’s a pale Robin’s Egg shade but you see it in use, you’re given a strong impression of an airy and warm peacefulness, rather than being hit by the colour of Cromarty itself.

Definitely another winner! Good work, Farrow and Ball!

{Last week, I was busy painting our dolls house with the new Farrow and Ball colours ready for a super informative post on Relics of Witney on all the new 2016 paints. You can see that here…}

Images via Farrow and Ball, Modern Country Style, Modern Country Style

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