Modern Country Style: How To Create A Belgian Style Living Room: Untreated Wood

Let’s take the time now to look in more detail at how to get the look of a Belgian Style living room. We’ve broken down this look into five essential elements.

Belgian Style
Gorgeous Belgian Style Living Room

Today, let’s start with wow-factor wood. The first on our list of creating Belgian Style in your living room. Left completely untreated, that very rawness acts as a spotlight to its natural allure. The grain will show that much more clearly, allowing for increased texture.

So, the million dollar question: how can we make this look work for us?

Belgian Style
Smart Belgian Style 

Let me be frank: if the thought of sanding and scrubbing doesn’t fire you up, look away now. You see, this is a look that involves getting your hands dirty….metaphorically and literally.

Let’s call in my new BFFs: oil, wax and varnish, who will give your hard-won wooden treasures the endurance you need. 

Belgian Style
Modern Country Belgian Style 

I’m all about keeping it real here and, in my experience, unless you like a truly worn-out look, children and bare wood in large quantities just don’t work.

Belgian Style
Small touches of Belgian Style 
But, please, don’t be put off! A little wax here, a little varnish there (matt, natch) will make all the difference. This look can work a treat in a family home, just as it can in the most grown-up of spaces.

Take stock of all the inspiration here and be encouraged that you can do this! Even a little taster can make all the difference.
Belgian Style
Belgian Style living room
Where to add raw wood to your Belgian Style living room? There is a whole array of options…..lamps, coffee tables, side tables, light switches, doors, cupboards, shelving, mirrors….as well as all those quirky ideas that work so well.

And the best part is that these pieces can travel with you in your style journey, if you tire of Belgian Style in the future. See how this next image, with much more of a country prettiness about it, also features untreated wood (or at least the impression of it!).
Modern Country living room
Country living room
In my next post, I’ll be sharing how to make your floorboards look fantastically old and loved; taking my love of Belgian Style and making it work for me.

Belgian Style
White Belgian Style!

Will you join us?

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