Modern Country Style: How To Create Belgian Style Interiors: Pre-Loved Pieces

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Belgian Style Interiors: The Essentials.

Today we’re looking at using pre-loved furniture…but before we dive in let’s have a li’l recap of what we’ve covered with How To Create Belgian Style Living Rooms so far….

☆ Natural wood, light colors, clay pot, feminine flowers get more only on

My definition of Belgian Style would be that it’s all about combining extreme visual restraint and rustic warmth to create elegant, pared-down rooms with a strong nod to an industrial past.

I’ve only drawn on the elements that I love from this style,

creating my very own Modern Country living room in our new house…more on that next week!! 

So far, we’ve looked at the use of untreated wood in Belgian Style Interiors…..

and how to sand and renovate your old floorboards…

We looked at how to add Soft Industrial elements…

…and how texture is absolutely key in helping to prevent Belgian Style Interiors from looking bland….

…with the help of our friend the grey rattan kubu chair!

Did you notice that in all those images of Belgian Style Living Rooms there are used pieces dotted around. It may be a small detail but it’s these very same pre-owned bits and bobs that create character and bring life to these Belgian rooms: old stone urns, used table, re-purposed lamps and ornaments give these rooms a heartbeat.

De mooiste woonwinkel van Twente :

As long as these used pieces tie in with your overall scheme (to prevent that Junk Shop Anti-Chic creeping in!), and have bags of gorgeous character then everyone’s a winner!

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