Modern Country Style: Modern Calligraphy: Bouncy Lettering!

So, now you’ve got the books (have you? If not, I’d HIGHLY recommend buying Nib and Ink right this second), have you got cracking with Modern Calligraphy? Don’t be discouraged at your starter efforts, it does take a little while for things to come together. 

At this stage, there are no shortcuts, no wave of my magic wand that I can give you. It really is just a matter of practice, practice, practice, and of finding lots of good examples (I found paper examples more useful than online) to copy once you’ve got the letter formations under your belt. But I honestly found the practising such a joyful process. Seeing myself get better at a brand new skill was, not to sound too much of a cliche, so life-enhancing and joy-giving.

So, once you’re wanting to give a little more oomph to your beautiful new Modern Calligraphy, here is one simple tip to considerably up your game….

Have you ever noticed that much of the professional-looking Modern Calligraphy swoops sometimes gracefully, sometimes jauntily, up and down. I tried out different ways of doing this for ages, never quite happy with the results and it was so hard to track down the name of what I was actually trying to learn so that I could google how to do it!! Finally I found it….Take a look at this example from Every Tuesday:

done in love

I love that quote….

See how those letters flow?

Anyway, here I am, hopefully sparing you the heartache of searching it yourself….

It’s called Bounce Lettering! 

I found two awesome sites that break down exactly how to make this skill your own….

The first is Lyssarts Handlettering, which advises:

think about the whole space,

offset tall and short lettering,

make your letters closer together.

To see the whole article (which explains it so much better than I ever could!), click here!

The second is from Kiley In Kentucky. This site looks at three separate ways to zhuzh up your Modern Calligraphy but its the bounce lettering tutorial that’s the BEST I’ve seen….

These two tutorials have s helped me so much in my pursuit of the perfect Modern Calligraphy…and I hope they help you too!

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