Modern Country Style: Modern Country Fashion: Autumn Layering

Have you felt the touch of autumn in the air? Have you seen the sun rays take on their always-welcome golden touch? Yes, my pumpkin pies, it’s time for another look at Fashion For Fall 2017!

Modern Country fashion for fall

An English Autumn is, in my opinion, perfect for all round Modern Country living. Harvesting fruits and creating yummy puddings in a gorgeous Modern Country kitchen. But let’s talk fashion…

 Love this autumn layering...

We’ve been having crisp, dry mornings, mild and sometimes quite balmy afternoons and then, as evening approaches, the air cools right down.

 Gorgeous outfit!

Sooooo……any outfit you choose needs to cover all bases weather-wise. And that, my scrumptious friends, is where layering is a Godsend. You can add on or take off as you please, unhampered by the changing moods of the day.

 Shorts in autumn can work with the right layers on top....
Scarves, hats, jackets and short sleeved jumpers will be your best friends this season. Just right for that layered Modern Country look.
 A touch of French chic...

So get out there, people, and layer, layer, layer!

Take care until next time,

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