Modern Country Style: Modern Country Garden Combos: Dark Tulips And…..!

Today’s Modern Country Garden Plant Combo is a bit of a strange one! It’s Tulips And…. And? And???

Queen of the night tulips, black parrot tulips, pansies, foxglove, and daffodils,
Queen of the night tulips, black parrot tulips, pansies, foxgloves, and daffodils
Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Erica’; Silene dioica; Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’
Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Erica’, Silene dioica and Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’

Well, there’s the nub of the problem! I tried to narrow it down, I really did. But dark tulips go so fantastically well with so many other plants, that I thought I’d use this as a bit of an encouragement to give them some Modern Country love in your very own garden. 

“Queen of the Night” and “Maureen” hybrid tulips    in clipped parterres in Oscar de la Renta’s garden…
Tulipa 'White Triumphator' and tulipa 'Queen of Night.' Probably too much contrast and the greenery almost absorbs the 'Queen of Night' tulips. But the white is great with the greenery.

Whether planted with other tulip varieties…

Queen of the Night Tulip
Tulips, esp. Queen of the night

…or with an altogether different but complementary plant, dark tulips can be your new Modern Country Garden bestie!

Tulips, especially voluptuous dark beauties such as Queen Of The Night and Black Parrot combine with so many other plants that it seemed foolish to narrow this post down to just one combination.

Which is your favourite?

Images via Benr Penreath, Nancy Ondra, Oscar De La Renta, unknown, unknown, Common Wealth Club, Wife Mother Gardener, Crocus, Black Swamp Girl

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