Modern Country Style: The Best Front Door Colours To Paint Cotswold Stone Houses (Part 2: The Greens)

Cotswold Stone sings out so gorgeously and so eye-catchingly that many people find it difficult to know where to start so we shall we take a peek today at Part 2 of my series on the very best paint colours to paint the front doors (and windows, and drain pipes…!) of Cotswold Stone homes to give that Modern Country feel to your front door.

Last time we looked at gorgeous neutral paints but today let’s look at that classic Modern Country combination: Cotswold stone and the perfect Cotswold green! Sometimes green, sometimes grey, sometimes blue…you know the style I mean, right?

Now, this is where it gets slightly technical. If your front door gets lots of sun, the you have to bear in mind that sunshine will make any front door appear much paler than it does on the the colour chip.

Plus the sun bleaches paint like nobody’s business so, unless you want to be painting the front of your house every couple¬†of years, you might like to consider a lighter, more muted colour, for WOW-factor longevity!

Don’t just be swayed by pretty pictures of perfect Cotswold stone houses. Try to find images of fornt doors that match the light levels of your own. A house that faces North, for example, will look very different to a home in full-on sun. The same hue will appear much bluer in the shade.¬†

North-facing front doors give their paint a much easier time of itwith very little sun leeching away colour, which means that your chosen paint colour will stay true for many more years. Hooray!

On a shady front door, you may want to choose a paint colour that’s a little darker, a little bolder but will still make the most fo your gorgeous Cotswold stone!

The same rules also apply to many French stone houses, with their heavenly shutters and dreamy farmhouse architecture. Take a look at this stunner. ..

Can you see the same honey tomes emerge from the stone, just like with Cotswold houses? Actually, what’s going on here is that the sun bings out the orange tones of the stone and then those scrumptious chalky sea shades act as complementary colours, creating a very muted version of a thoroughly pleasing pairing.

The complimentary colours bring a visually exciting stimulus but by using very gentle, greyed tones, you can create a softness that is pure eye candy!

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