Modern Country Style: The Best Front Door Colours To Paint Cotswold Stone Houses (Part 3: Classic With A Twist)

Welcome to the final part of the very best paints for the front door of your Cotswold Stone house. This is a question I’m asked so often by clients because its an easy way to really oomph the curb appeal of your home. It’s also pretty cost effective because it’s only the front door and windows that need painting, rather than the whole house, as with many rendered properties. Cotswold Stone just keeps on getting better with age.

Cotswold houses

The last suggestion I want to make when choosing paint colours for Cotswold Stone front doors is to veer towards the traditional. If in doubt, choose classic….but with a twist.

So, while I’m certainly not knocking black, it can look gorgeous, though it’s best if you have a house that has oodles of natural charm like the one below…..

Classic Georgian Cotswold house Black front door

…, you might, for example, consider choosing Farrow and Ball Railings….

Classic Cotswold house Farrow and Ball Railings front door

…Fired Earth Mercury…

Classic Georgian Cotswold house Fired Earth Mercury front door

…or Farrow and Ball Pelt, for a slightly smarter look…

Classic Georgian Cotswold house Farrow and Ball Pelt front door

The same goes for classic white front doors. Yes, if the house has more than enough welly of its own, then plain white can be a good way to go…

Classic Georgian Cotswold house White front door

…but for those looking for a way to stand out from long lines of same old, same old, how about the softest pink?

Classic Georgian Cotswold house Pink front door Burford

…or the gentlest of greens….

{Marston and Langinger’s Silver Lavender would be great for this Cotswold home….}

Classic Georgian Cotswold house Black door Soho Farmhouse

I’m currently so obsessed with this property that I feel it’s only fair to give you three images here… It’s called Soho Farmhouse and is part of a full-on luxe Country Club based in the Cotswolds.

Classic Georgian Cotswold house Black door Soho Farmhouse
Classic Georgian Cotswold house Black door Soho Farmhouse

Pure White on all doors and windows looks utterly anachronistic on period properties: they never had access to the technology that gives us the whitest of whites that we’re used to today; going down a softer route will give you a more authentic feel…

Classic Cotswold Cottage Putty front door

Off-whites, putties and stones will all hit the mark…

Classic Cotswold Cottage Soft Grey front door
Classic Cotswold Cottage Burford Green front door

…or even a soft white like Fired Earth Dover Cliffs…

Classic Georgian Cotswold house front door

And for those of you looking to create the perfect Country idyll, classic cream should most certainly be on your list…

Little Greene Woodbine is lovely…

Classic Cotswold house Cream door

I hope that gives you plenty of ideas to dream about if you have a front door to paint and a Cotswold Stone house. Three distinct routes to travel if you: the neutrals, the green-grey-blues, and here the classics with a twist.

Which is your favourite?  

Images via The Burford Experience, unknown, unknown, Farrow and Ball, unknown, Money Week, unknown, Soho Farmhoue, Soho Farmhouse, Soho Farmhouse, Home Way, Character Cottages, Coates Mill Cottage, unknown, Helena Bernald

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