Modern Country Style: The Grey Rattan Kubu Chair: Belgian Style Must-Haves

Grey rattan (or kubu) chairs have proved over many a year now that they are here to stay: a stalwart of the Belgian Style interior and exterior. I want to take an in-depth look at different ways to use rattan chairs in your home….

White and rattan:
Grey rattan kubu chairs: French Farmhouse Style!

Over the last decade, a design classic has emerged that uses rattan, rather than the previously adored wicker, to create a material that is more sturdy, stylish and, dare I say it, sex-aaay.

Rattan chairs:
Rattan chairs looking contemporary

So what is the difference between kubu, rattan, wicker and cane? What’s it all about? Let me explain…

Rattan is a climbing palm favoured for its long, pliable stems, which are perfect for creating chunky shapes with sinuous curves in that oh-so-fashionable shade of grey-greige. 

Rattan chairs,  reindeer skins, charcoal:
Kubu chairs and Rustic Luxe!

Wicker and cane are the names of the process of weaving these long stems to create shapes but that process can also use stems from other plants, which will result in a different colour and finish. Kubu is a generic name for furniture made from rattan stems.

.rattan chairs:
Grey rattan kubu chairs and Modern Country Style
The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour - Dining Room. Love this look - our Tolix chairs and Country Grey rattan are a great match for these with the English country dining table
Kubu chairs and a hint of industrial

The voluptuous lines of kubu rattan chairs pair well with limed, bare or painted furniture, which make them a great choice for Belgian Style Interiors: you’ll get texture, colour and shape in one stunning item.

Rattan chair
Pair grey rattan chairs with soft cosy knits

Did you know that archaeologists have found wicker items from the time of the ancient Egyptians? Or that wicker baskets were found at Pompeii! This is a look that just isn’t going to go away! Timeless yet contemporary. One look at these gorgeous rattan chairs would have turned heads away from the face of Cleopatra herself!

Grey rattan kubu chairs
The rattan chairs are comfortable to lounge in, though extended sitting probably needs a pillow or two when the chairs are new.

.Taupe and white living / dining room! Rattan chairs...:
One of my favourite Belgian Style Living Rooms!

My favourite way to accessorise grey rattan chairs is to pair them with natural materials. Think of raw silks, a muted colour palette and soft woollen blankets: these will bring out the gentle hues of the rattan, as well as enhancing its beautiful texture, so essential in any Belgian Style Interiors.

Rattan kubu chairs

Equally at home inside or out, kubu grey rattan chairs are the height of relaxation to curl up in with a good book, enjoy a late supper around a table with friends, or perhaps making the most of the cheeky rays of sunshine we’ve been lucky enough to get in the last few days.

Rattan kubu chairs
Don’t these chairs being the outside in stunningly?

Coming Up: Spotlight on kubu grey rattan in the garden!

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