Modern Country Style: UNBELIEVABLE Exterior Transformations

There is a whole host of companies, such as the fabulous Back To Front Exteriors, that work the most unbelievable magic on 1970s houses. These are some of the most incredible Before and After shots I’ve had the pleasure of seeing: a total visual feast for the eyes (and heart!). Read on and see what I mean….

Aren’t they amazing? I found myself scrolling back and forth, back and forth so many times that I think I have RSI!! 

This kind of transformation certainly doesn’t come cheap – that’s a LOT of building work – but, oh, the rewards are enormous!

More exterior remodelling:

Careful consideration is needed before deciding to improve a home in this way. Many seventies houses are part of large estates, with near-identical houses in row after row. A transformation of this kind is best left to one-offs….the kind of road where there is a whole plethora of different kinds of architecture.

Exterior remodel:

That’s where this kind of sorcery can really weave its enchantment to the greatest effect. If you’re the lucky owner of such a house then the world really is your oyster….

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