In India, the kitchen is the heart of the apartment since
our day begins and ends there. All desire a brighter and more spacious kitchen.
In India, most people have begun to adopt new things based on the advice of
interior designers, though some are still thinking about it. For eg, suppose a
friend from one of your groups called you to attend the inauguration of their
new apartment, and you know that this kitchen question will be asked, i.e., is
this a modular kitchen or a carpenter-made kitchen, and from then you decide to
think to renovate your home as well.


In this blog, we will cover modular kitchens and
carpenter-made kitchens. Which materials are appropriate for our daily lives,
which materials are expensive, the pros and cons of the materials, and finally,
you can choose the best option that suits your home.

What is a modular kitchen?

The definition of the module influenced the term modularkitchen. The modular kitchen is made up of small pieces or modules that are
assembled to form a complete kitchen. Cabinets, drawers, shutters, and other
standard-sized components are included. A modular kitchen is usually made up of
overhead and base units. When it especially comes to small kitchen design,
modular kitchens are built to optimize functionality and allow for efficient
space management. It also allows you to easily arrange items inside and keep
your kitchen organized and clutter-free. Modular kitchens can be built in any
arrangement, such as an l-shape, parallel kitchen, straight line, and so on.



  • The kitchen designer designs personalized modular kitchen
    units based on the homeowner’s requirements. They ensure maximum functionality
    and efficient space management. They also provide 3d renders as per the
    proposed design and color combinations before the work begins.
  •  They ensure maximum
    functionality and efficient space management. During the design process, 3D
    views are created based on the proposed design and color selection so that the
    homeowner can see the overall design of the kitchen before fabrication.
  • If the homeowner decides to move, the kitchen modules can be
    dismantled fully and can be re-installed in another apartment.
  • The modular kitchen is completely made in a factory, so the homeowner
    will not be bothered by any noise in his home. Workers installed the module
    unit in one single day. The sharp edges of a Modular kitchen unit are finished in
    edgebanding, which means the raw edges of the shutters and drawers are finished
    in thin strips of PVC, giving the kitchen a neat and seamless appearance.
  • The modular kitchen is available in a variety of colors and
    finishes. In the modular kitchen, you can now choose materials such as MDF,
    HDF, commercial ply, and marine ply based on your needs. We recommend going
    with marine because our cuisines vary, making it much easier to clean the
  • Modular kitchens are simple to maintain because they have a
    smooth finish. In the case of any unit damage, trusted modular kitchen
    manufacturing brands have decent warranty periods and the parts are simple to
    change or replace. So, when choosing a modular kitchen, make sure to check the
    warranty duration of each unit installed in the kitchen.
  • In 4-6 weeks, the entire modular kitchen is designed and



  • The cost of a modular kitchen is higher than the cost of a
    carpenter-made kitchen.
  • If the design has been finalized and the kitchen has gone
    into production, no modifications can be made.
  • Avoid modular kitchens made of particleboard, MDF, as this
    material can dissolve when exposed to moisture, and the hinges may become loose
    over time. Because it is made from particles of wood fibers.
  • Don’t go for a white PU finish because it will turn yellowish
    after a while.
  • The glossy finish attracts stains and dirt more rapidly and
    generally requires extensive maintenance. So maybe this isn’t for those who are
    too busy to spend time cleaning regularly.


Carpenters build these kitchens based on the homeowner’s or
requirement. The whole work can be given to the contractor on a turnkey basis,
or the homeowner can buy the raw materials and get the work performed on a
labour basis. While you are aware that all of your work is performed by human
hands, which increases the possibility of mistakes.
For good
space management and appearance, we recommend that you get it planned by a
designer and then installed by a carpenter.


  • Carpenter-built kitchens can be finished in a variety of
    materials such as laminate and veneer.
  • In comparison to modular kitchens, the construction of a
    carpentered kitchen is more cost-effective and affordable.
  • You can keep an eye on-site while they are building the
    beautiful kitchen, and you can even change it while it is being built.  Carpenters are locally available and easier
    to reach.
  • Since these carpenters are comparatively more flexible with
    pricing, it is easier to deal with the budget.


  • The final finish of the carpenter-made kitchen is
    largely dependent on the carpenter’s skill and workmanship because it is
    hand-made on-site.
  • Carpenter installs the kitchen cabinet permanently onsite,
    and you are unable to dismantle the cabinet, Tall unit, etc., so if you are
    moving to another place, you have to leave the entire kitchen behind.
  • Since these kitchens are built on-site, a lot of clutter,
    sound, and dust is created, which can be annoying for the homeowner.
  • A carpenter-built kitchen can take six to eight weeks or more
    to complete, depending on the size of the kitchen and the client’s needs.
  • The owner may be delayed due to the supplies or the
    carpenter’s team, and as a result, the owner has to deal with the

We recommend going with the modular kitchen because they are
more functional in terms of construction, achieving high optimum space
utilization and a hassle-free install. It is highly recommended for modern
homes, especially small apartments. However, someone who does not want to spend
money on a modular kitchen can build a carpenter-made kitchen.

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