Perfectly Neutral Georgian Home Tour

I’ve been thinking a lot, natch, about living rooms, because we’re now in the process of having ours done (can you hear the bangings of the builders downstairs?) and how I want ours to look. This Georgian home I’m sharing here has some of the elements I’m after.

Yes, it’s a location house, I believe, so you have to look past the slight blandness and lack of personality….

….but I love the way the entire house works together. The spaces aren’t replicas of one another but there is a strong identity that runs from room to room to room.

I’ve been building up in my mind a vision of how I’d like our entire home to look when it’s finished so that this room will fit perfectly into the cohesive whole. 

Obviously that’s a big ask but it’s so easy to dive right into a project like this, full of enthusiasm, but without thinking through the basics.

Without the right foundations in place, you can end up with a house full of very lovely but very disparate rooms, and that’s not what I’m after.

Even as you continue upstairs in this house, the feeling of calm stays with you. Soft, chalky shades of greys and taupes run throughout, with reclaimed furniture and wooden accents.

It might not be exactly right for us and our family but it’s pretty bally gorgeous, don’t you agree?

Images via 1st Option

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