When you finish your meeting with
the client at the beginning of the project, and when you give your time for
conceptualization, style, theme, mood board, so with all this activity, you’ve
taken some time to create this beautiful design, so don’t be over-excited to
present your ideas of inspiration to the client. 

The client will still be good
to you at the beginning of the discussion, so don’t be overwhelmed and give
them the designs. The client might tell you to submit a 3dview or a
presentation. But please don’t submit it, you can go and show it, or you can
tell them to visit your office. And if they are demanding about the design, you
should send them the mood board and the Reference images. But don’t give
the entire project to the client before any payment.

The client
forces their designs on you that you know they’re going to look mismatch.

Often the client wants to create a
space to look like him, but you know it’s going to look terrible, but don’t
spend time directly remind the client that you’ve paid me for my
expertise, but in the end, it’s your space, you can do anything you want. It
won’t look well on my part, the client of this discussion will worry a lot, and
he’ll change his mind.

The design process is the secret,
you have to present your contract to the client at the start, i.e. there will
be certain modifications that will be allowed and after that, for each, the modification will cost a certain amount. So don’t neglect to improve your
agreement by getting the expertise from experienced designers.

Your concept must be powerful, and
if you know what you want to give them, they’ll have to buy it by default. Ex.
If you haven’t shown fabric cloth for your couch, Otherwise the client will select
by himself. As a result, the client should realize at the beginning of the
conversation that they just need to acquire a specified fabric.

The whole family is involved in
making every decision and it creates chaos.

You have to tell the client at the
beginning of the project that there can be a sole decision-maker from your
whole family who may be your wife, daughter, etc. And if you haven’t explained
this, you’ll be in trouble by the end, because the time will be increased.
Therefore the client will agree and assigns one person on everyone’s

Clients do not make timely payments
for materials and then complain work is delayed.

This is the simple rule that you
have to make certain charts to show the client on which date the material will
arrive on-site and which payment has to be made on which date, this conversation needs to be addressed immediately after the beginning of the
project. Otherwise, the handover deadline will be postponed, and it will come
straight to you.

The client put his contractor on site that may not succeed.

Your relation with the client must
be strong, and if a contractor does not do well on-site, you should be able to
give this message to the client so you should bring another contractor on-site.
Overall, it’s not as good for your design as it is time-consuming for both of
you. And if the contractor is on your behalf, you can still take the same

The client comes to the site and make
changes on their own.

No issue, even though the client comes to the site and
changes the design, you just need to remember that any single change you’ve
requested will add this amount of money and time for that particular change.
But don’t be afraid to let your client know anything from the site, otherwise,
it will come to you in the end.

The client isn’t allowing you to photograph the completed

You need to address this topic with your client right before
the start of the project. You should tell your client that you need photographs
of your project for your portfolio because as a young designer you need this
strong portfolio. For this, you should have a contract and have a sign on it.

 And if the client does not comply with it, you sign a non-disclosure agreement
on that stage on your own, since many designers charge an additional fee for
that it means you won’t be able to click any picture for that project, and it
will not cover in your portfolio. So don’t wait for the entire project to end, otherwise,
you will be in trouble.

This is a familiar topic for all of
us, timely payment is still a major concern. The only way to make sure your
payments are made. You can clear up your previous installment as soon as your
next installment pops up. You need to organize your payment according to your
design services. And only 5% of the proposal can be retained at the end of the
project. And if you have a decent relationship with your client and you have delivered
the site to the client at the right time, then there is no need to hold the
money out, it should be cleared.

Do comment down below and let us know if you have gone through same challenges with the clients, and if you want to suggest us more points on your behalf you can comment us. Thanks for your precious time, and do share if you agree with us.

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