Granite worktops provide beautiful aesthetics in
kitchens and bathrooms, as well as other advantages. However, there are some
potential drawbacks to consider while choosing granite countertops for your
home. Here’s an examination of both sides of the discussion.

Few other countertop materials can compete with the
rich beauty of granite. It is a natural product with an everlasting atmosphere
and appeal. Granite countertops elevate the visual appeal of a high-quality
kitchen and frequently become the focal point of the space.




Every granite block is one-of-a-kind, with its
distinct lines, hues, and patterns. Because of this one-of-a-kindness, you can
have a one-of-a-kind countertop that will not be found anywhere else. You can
select a one-of-a-kind slab that complements the style of your kitchen cabinets
and walls while also adding beauty to space.



When exposed to heat, granite countertops will not
melt or burn. They are among the most heat-resistant surfaces available. Hot
pans from the oven can be placed straight on the countertop surface without
causing any damage. When using appliances that release heat for extended
periods, such as Baking pans.



In India, the sink is covered with granite on all four
sides with adequate chamfering, which is advantageous for cleaning purposes,
particularly in India. Because we interact with spices in our cuisine on a
daily basis, we need to wash with water to ensure adequate cleaning. Granite was utilized as a sink 15 years ago, but it is no longer used as a sink.




Granite does have loose backsplashes, which
are prevalent in granite counters. Typically, a separate 4” piece of the
stone slab will be bonded to the surface of your countertop. Backsplashes of
tile and full-height granite are also used.


Granite countertops are regarded as low-maintenance
countertop materials. It is unlikely that it will require repair or
refinishing. Sealer technology has progressed greatly over the years, and many
will last for more than ten years before requiring touch-ups. When they do need
to be reapplied, most householders can do it themselves: simply apply the
product and wipe away the excess. It is a good idea to ask your installer which
sealer was used initially and to reapply the same type.


Granite Countertops Have a Long Life.

Granite countertops will retain their worth for a long
time due to their durability and the great demand for natural stone. As a
result, granite countertops are a terrific selling point if you ever decide to
sell your property.



Granite is Porous Stone

Granite is a porous material, but this isn’t always a
bad thing. Liquids left on the surface for a lengthy period will eventually
absorb. They will, however, dissipate as swiftly as they were absorbed.
Depending on the substance to be removed, different healing potions may be
employed to speed up the treatment. Many, on the other hand, will evaporate
naturally without the use of chemicals or cleaning agents. Before installing
granite countertops, most Civil workers will apply a sealer to prevent them
from absorbing liquids too rapidly. However, in India, the granite is polished
by the shop sellers themselves, but you must pay them for this service.

Although granite countertops are quite durable, there
is still the possibility of stone chipping. If a heavy object, for example, is
fallen on a corner facia, a granite Civil specialist worker may be required
to restore any cracks or damage.






Granite countertops in a typical kitchen will require
2-3 seams. The average slab size will vary depending on the color of granite
you select. Large islands may usually be constructed without the need for
seams. Expect seams where the countertops angle in a different way if you have
an L or U-shaped arrangement. The good news is that many fabricators will make
custom color epoxy to bind the seams together, which hides them well. Dark
granite will not be easily visible to humans.



Granite countertops are not suitable for everyone. They demand someone who will appreciate their beauty and strength, as well as someone who can see past the investment level to realize the amazing value and long-lasting elegance of granite worktops. 
Granite, as one of the most durable and visually appealing countertop materials, can be an excellent addition to any home.



We are confined to the colors and patterns produced by
mother nature with all-natural stones, including granite. There aren’t many
solid patterns or vivid colors, but they do exist. In addition, look for a wide
variation of hue and pattern within the same color of the stone. It’s always a
good idea to check the precise slabs that will be created for your kitchen
to ensure they match what you saw in the sample. Another consideration is that
many exotic granites have massive flowing waves, and a single sample will not
accurately represent the entire slab.

We hope you now understand the pros and cons of granite, and
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