The bedroom is the last place where people spend enough time every day, just like working hours. And some of them maybe spend less on their bedroom because it’s not the first room that you see when you reach your house or the spot where you have parties or family gathering.

Your bedroom is meant to be a place you enjoy spending time
and a calming escape from the stress of the day. With this in mind, we share
design tips that will help you redesign the room without a huge investment in
your time and money.

Swap your Layout

the layout of the bedroom is so easy as well as refreshing. With a little time
and effort, you can give your room a whole new look just by adjusting the
position of your furniture. When you are moving the furniture keep in mind that
if some furniture is not useful you can remove it from the layout. So that your
room will look less clutter and open up space and make it feel airier. In the bedroom, most of the wardrobe are fixed so for moving a bed it’s not easy for
everyone, and keep in mind your head position should not be in north direction
as per Vastu.           

Modify your Window treatment

Most of the
residents have not changed their treatment for the window since they purchased
it. It is the easy step anyone will take to change their bedroom look. You can
choose between different options to transform your bedroom.
These are
Roman blinds, Drapery frames, Blackout curtains, Vertical blinds, Roller
blinds, and more. You should pick the pattern or color that you are looking for
such as Modern style or Bohemian style according to your preference.

Memories To Your Wall

There would
be a more simple way to refresh your bedroom by adding some paintings that you
like and if you want you can also add some pictures of your family or your
friends. You can also get various types of frames with different colors and
patterns. You can be close to your memories by adding some frames to your wall.


You should create some drama on your wall to look something
different. Much like you would add wallpaper, paint with texture, or any
stickers on your wall. That’s a simple way of changing your bedroom. If you
already have a dark color wall then you can paint it as a bright color wall so
you can see the difference and the room will also look bigger as well. You
should select the color that matches your style. You can select any color
according to your requirement and with knowing color psychology.

Your Throw, Pillows & Bedding 

You should
switch throw pillows & bedding according to your mood or season, If you are
feeling dull then you can add some vibrant colors to it to change the vibes of
your space. Choosing bedding in a color that’s different from what you’ve got right now would make a huge difference.
You can select the colors and patterns according to your favorite style for which
you are looking for example Scandinavian, art deco, or contemporary.

Get a
new Rug

The rug has
a lot of quality to maximize the room on the floor and give it a warm feel. You
should have at least 2 rugs, as you should change them every season. If you buy
a new rug you should get according to your style as there are n numbers of
different colors, textures, shapes, and patterns included in the rug. All
should have a rug in their bedroom.

You Need
Some Fresh Air

The bedroom is the place where you
spend at least 7 to 9 hours a day, to get fresh oxygen to breathe we need air-purifying plants, that suit the
space climate. We should have at least 2 plants in 100 sq.ft of space to get
some air quality at breathing. There are different kinds of plants with specific
colors & textures that will enhance your house.


New Light Fixtures

If you don’t have enough lighting
fixtures in your home so you can add some light. By having a new table lamp,
floor lamp with a tripod, or Pendant light as well, this light fixture will lit
your room that can transform an ambiance of the bedroom. Look to your bedside
lamps for an impactful improvement, It can be as easy as switching off your
current table lamp, or you can try switching off your table lamps entirely to
stylish wall-mounted sconces.


I hope you’ll try to refresh your
room with these ideas for your bedroom. These are the most simple ways to modify
your bedroom in your budget and time. Make sure that you should modify your
apartment every 2 years because to feel good. And if you are not sure about how
to design your bedroom you can contact us, we provide online design at an
affordable price.

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