There are many different types of beds
and choosing the right one is an important decision. A place to 
relax, a place
to unwind and have a peaceful night’s sleep – that’s what an ideal bedroom is
for most of us. And so, there is a lot of effort put in making your bedroom an
oasis of comfort and peace.

Panel Bed


  • A
    panel bed features a base made using wooden slates to offer perfect support to
    the mattress without needing a box spring.

  • A panel bed consists of a headboard and a footboard made from flat panels of wood.

  • The panels
    are framed with raised molding or grooves that mimic traditional wood paneling

  • The headboard
    and footboard are connected
    The wooden slate panels offer your
    mattress flexible support.

  • Wooden rail manufacturers offer panel beds in both painted and wood-stained finishes. Some have headboard-only.

Platform Bed

  • The bed frame comes with a flat and in some designs extended surface that is solid
    where the mattress rests upon

  •  Unlike
    the traditional bed frame, a platform bed does not have raised edges.

  • Some
    platform beds are built with a removable slatted rack and storage space

  • It is
    also not strange to find a platform without a head-board and foot-board.

  • Since
    platform beds do not have many accessories, they are affordable and you can
    easily build one for yourself at home.

Sleigh Bed

  • The distinctive curved form of the headboard and the footboard is identical to the antique sleigh arch, which gives its name to this style of bed. 

    Sometimes made of wood and very strong, the sleigh bed is the product of the French and American Empire of the early 19th century. 

    Sleigh beds have curved patterns for both the headboard and the footboard. The sides of this bed are wider than the other bed styles.

  • These beds look best in wide-open rooms, despite their size and elegant style.

Murphy Bed

  • Murphy
    beds are folding beds that are specially designed to deal with the scarcity of

  • Murphy beds offer the most modern design for space use.

  • The entire frame of this bed type is hinged such that the bed itself can be titled
    vertically and

  • They serve as desks or wall units during the day and turn into beds at night.

  • Murphy
    beds are an ideal furniture item for saving floor space by
    vertical space in a smart way

  • As
    scarcity of space is a major problem these days, the popularity of Murphy beds
    is increasing day by day


  • This bed resembles a standard bed, as
    it’s available with the feature of being able to massage your painful legs and
    back, adjust, and recline.

  • An adjustable bed is perfect for those
    suffering from snoring, back pain, and sinus pressure, as well as those who
    love watching television, working or reading in bed.

  • Having the ability to adjust your bed and
    finding the ideal posture will make going to sleep fun.

  • An adjustable bed is often expensive, so
    you will need to consider the advantages of the bigger investment.

  • You should also look forward to
    maintenance charges, as well, as there are moving electrical sections such as


  • A day bed acts is a couch during the day and a bed at night

  • Day
    beds actually play multifunctional roles; they can serve you as a couch to sit
    and relax on and as a bed to enjoy a tranquil night’s sleep.

  • Day beds are mostly used for lounging or reclining during the day, in spare rooms or home offices.

  • In
    addition, you can use a day bed as a divan, lounger, or a recliner.

  • Day beds are made up of high-quality wood or metal. 

  • Some day beds are often covered in cloth or leather texture to make them appear more attractive.


  • A canopy bed frame is quite similar to a four-poster bed.

  •  For a canopy bed frame, the rising
    posters are connected with cross beams to make it look connected.

  • The canopy bed frame is draped with fabric at the sides that cover the bed from all sides.

  • With
    its fairy tale appeal, a canopy bed is surely one of the most popular types of
    bed frames.

  • Canopy
    being large in size and structure.

  • They
    are long time investments and surely need a lot of care and attention to
    maintain the look and feel of it. 

  • But
    above all of it, nothing beats the fact that owning a canopy bed is a dream
    come true for many home décor lovers.

Four-poster Bed

Bunk  Bed

  • A bunk bed is specially made for accommodating more than one individual.

  • They
    also come in a wide variety of styles and designs.

  • The major purpose of bunk beds is to accommodate more than one person and save you
    horizontal space.

  • It
    is a
    kind of trundle bed that allows an extra bed when necessary without wasting
    space when it is not.

  • You
    can find these beds are used in army garrisons, prison cells, hostels, student
    residential places, and summer camps.

  • In
    our home where there is less space then you should definitely go for bunk
    bed  because it creates a drama in a
    room, and it also saves space.

Storage Bed

Sofa-cum Bed


As you can see, there’s a huge variety of bed types that you can get to your home, with styles that suit different room sizes, different people, different uses, and different decor.

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