Using Grey Rattan Kubu Chairs In Modern Country Style Gardens

When thinking about jubu chairs, how could I even think about not including styling grey rattan chairs in a Modern Country Garden? Kubu, rattan, grey rattan…whatever you want to call it…look completely at home outside…almost as though it’s returning to its natural habitat!

So welcoming
Grey rattan kubu chairs in a Modern Country Garden
Grey rattan kubu chairs in a Modern Country Garden
Kubu chairs are gorgeous with stone tables…
pale lime mortar red brick chalky shades | rattan dining chairs and verbena | Domus Aurea | Exclusieve Villabouw:
See how the grey rattan chairs tie in with the lavender…
Grey rattan kubu chairs in a Modern Country Garden
A good example of artificial kubu chairs 

It’s worth noting that if you want to keep furniture outside on a permanent basis then you need to by man-made versions of rattan chairs. Kubu chairs will start to break down and rot after continued exposure to the elements.

Rattan chairs:
Grey rattan chairs in a beautiful Modern Country Garden setting
Relaxed garden dining area | Alfresco dining | Image | Housetohome
Grey rattan kubu chairs look gorgeous lined up in a row…
Grey rattan kubu chairs in a Modern Country Garden
…or in a group of one lone rattan chair!

Rattan chairs:
Kubu chairs and lovely urns

However, I rather like carrying my grey rattan chair outside, laden with the softest blankets and cosiest cushions…my favourite book and a cup of tea later and I’m in heaven!

Rattan chairs:
These rattan chairs do tuck in neatly beneath the table…but many won’t: be warned!
twisted stem topiary and outdoor dining with all weather rattan chairs:
Grey kubu chairs look gorgeous with topiary
Rattan chair love!
Even while the trees are looking bare, grey rattan kubu chairs bring good structure
Rattan chairs:
Grey rattan kubu chairs in a Modern Country Garden: perfect for bringing the inside out!

Rattan chairs are on the hefty side so, if like me, you have a smallish garden, then consider using just a couple at either end of your table, for example, and using benches along the sides, that tuck in more easily.

Rattan chairs:
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Dining by the Fireplace
A more contemporary Modern Country Garden
Rattan chairs:

If there’s one piece of furniture that always draws my eye in Modern Country garden images, it’s these gorgeous grey rattan chairs. Take a look at some of these stunning – and practical ways to use them and see if you agree.

Rattan chairs:
Rattan chairs:

Can you see why grey rattan is one of my favourite textures to bring into any scheme? You could use these gorgeous kubu chairs, or any number of baskets: the stunning natural qualities, grey-greige blend and lovely lines will get your Modern Country Garden Style heart beating faster, whether that’s in Provence….

…or over here in slightly cooler England!

Modern Country Belgian Style
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These grey rattan chairs tie in perfectly with the aged grey weather-boarded house

You can’t go wrong in a Modern Country Garden with grey rattan kubu chairs!

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