When shopping for natural stone for
your kitchen countertop or other home renovation, marble and granite are
frequently two of the top material choices. While the obvious distinction
between the two is that they are two different types of natural stone, what are
the practical variations that should help you decide which to bought?                                            

Natural stone can help to positively improve any home
renovation project. Aside from the stunning appearance of natural stone, adding
granite or marble in your home can instantly boost the resale value of your
home. The usage of natural stone has become one of the most appealing parts of
any home over time. This is still true today, as many homeowners like to use
natural stone in their homes, whether it is marble, granite, or another

When selecting on the natural stone that is best for your
home, there are various variables to consider, including both the appearance
and physical properties of the stone. This article will assist you in
determining whether marble or granite is a better choice for your remodelling



Both, as previously said, are natural materials. This means
that mining and excavation are required to obtain these stones.

Granite is an igneous rock that has been buried for millions
of years. It is a by product of molten magma that has cooled and crystallised
throughout the years. Granite is created as a result of periodic heating and
cooling, which also contributes to its endurance and hardness.

Marble, like granite, undergoes the same formation process,
with the exception that it does not involve magma heat. Marble is made up of
sedimentary rocks as well as other natural materials. It is the result of
millions of years of spontaneous meshing of rock and dirt. The natural design
of the stone appears as a result of its exposure to tremendous heat and




In terms of appearance, marble will give you an elegant and
elegant aspect. Anyone who sees the natural stone’s beautiful veining will be

Granite will add an attractive touch to your home, especially
if you use it as a kitchen countertop. The natural stone comes in a variety of
colours and will instantly give charm to any room in the house where it is

While all are beautiful, granite has a greater choice of
styles to pick from.



Because marble is porous, it can be harmed if acidic items,
such as coffee or wine, are spilled on it. If you have a marble countertop, you
must exercise caution and avoid spills like this. Use no vinegar or bleach
products when cleaning. To clean marble, use cleansers that are designed
specifically for the material.

Because granite is not as porous as marble, you will not need
to use as much caution if you choose granite. This is not to claim that granite
is impervious to damage. If you don’t want your granite surface to be harmed,
you’ll need to take proper care of it. Warm soapy water can be used to clean
the surface. Do not use vinegar, bleach.

If you take excellent care of your marble or granite
countertops, they can endure a very long time. In terms of which requires less
upkeep, granite is the superior choice.



As previously stated, marble is extremely reactive to spills.
If you are not attentive on the surface, marble is also prone to scratching.
However, if properly cared for, marble will provide a magnificent aesthetic to
your kitchen or bathroom countertop and will keep you pleased for years to

Because granite is more durable than marble, it is a popular
choice in many kitchens. Although it will destroy any sharp blades you use on
the surface, cutting straight on the countertop is still not recommended.
Granite countertops are also heat resistant, which means that a hot pot or
skillet will not damage them. Handling heavy objects near a granite countertop
requires extreme caution. Even if the natural stone is quite resilient, it will
crack or break if a heavy object falls on it, especially in the corners of the

Granite is the more durable of the two, although marble will
look fantastic with careful care.



When it comes to price, it varies depending on the colour and
appearance. Marble costs slightly more than granite. The approximate cost of
Granite and Marble per square foot ranges from 50Rs and 400Rs. However,
high-end marble is typically more expensive than comparable high-end granite.

The price is determined by the quality of the stone, the
complexity of the job, as well as the style of tile cutting, and the
installation is not a do-it-yourself project, but rather requires the services
of a professional.

of Granite vs. Marble

So now you know that both of these have advantages and
disadvantages, ranging from durability to purely aesthetic feel to financial
implications, depending on your need and usage. After reading about the many
characteristics of both, as well as the comparison, you should have a good idea
of the differences between Marble and Granite.

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