An Interior designer is the person who
completes a client’s needs, requirements, wishes, and dreams through his or her
powerful design visualization, creativity, and tremendous knowledge of the
field. It means the client absolutely has a lot of expectations from designers
and it is the duty of a designer to fulfill all the expectations of their
clients. So, you can imagine how the big role of an interior designer is while
creating, developing, and finishing any interior project.

Interior designer’s job is varied from
creating places that are appealing, useful, and safe while also fulfilling the
unique needs of each client, but it all starts with offering accurate design
guidance for the best, safe occupation of a person who works, lives, or
utilize an interior space. For that designer have to do n number of roles
like from conceptualization to work in progress of the project till the final
finishing of the project.

Duties And Responsibilities Of An Interior

1. Understanding Clients need, Requirements,
and wishes

Now it is obvious that a designer must have to do this step before
starting any project, then only he or she will get to know detailed information
about client’s tests, what they want? how do they want? And why they want it?

A designer has to ask these types of questions to their clients, get
every possible information from them that will be necessary to create their
dream place.


2. Space Planning And Conceptualization   

After getting all information about the client, a designer started work
on space planning that needs creativity and functionality to do. A designer
must create functional as well as aesthetic floor plans that will create harmonious
designs. Then for further work like material selection, the final look of the
project, and design implementation a designer has to create concepts, styles,
themes that bound the project with a proper conceptualization.


3. Budget Friendly And Green Designs   

A designer suggests and gives designs to clients that are budget-friendly
because the designer knows about material market prices and their
functionality, and their uses. It is also the duty and responsibility of any interior designer that he or she has to provide green designs to the clients
like the designer has to think about energy and water consumptions designs,
more ecofriendly, use of natural material, indoor air quality, more natural
light these king of things.


4. Documentation    

A designer has to be maintained every document related to the project.
That will be contract or agreement papers with a client or a vendor, any
material payment bills of the site, any legal or government work papers,
technical drawings, 3D views, details, bills of quantities or quotations, and
many more things that you have provided or executed. This is the duty of the
designer to maintain every document that is connected with the project because
it will give the benefit of the trust between designer and client as well as a
designer with the vendor.


5. Material Selection

Obviously designer has a piece of deep knowledge about materials, their
prices, and implementation so he or she has to be very active in this process.
It is the duty of the designer to suggest good, eco-friendly, and
budget-friendly material to the client that will be best for the project.
Materials like from floor finishing to ceiling, from furniture to decorative
accessories designer is the prime focus while selecting any material.   

6. Site Execution

Now, this is the main thing in design because here every single
imaginary design will shape into the real aspect so it is important that it
should be properly executed by designers. Though there are site supervisors on
site but, it is essential that a designer must have to know each update from
the site so that the design process happens smoothly.

7. Managing Clients & Vendors

A designer has to be a calm and gentle person who has to handle each
individual involved in the project. That is one of the most crucial
responsibilities of the designer. Because a designer is the only person who
connects with everyone to complete the project from the initial step to the
final finishing such as the client, site supervisors, contractors, laborers,
vendors, and others who are involved.  

8. Finishing And Hand-over Of The Project

After so much detail work project comes to a stage where it gets
finalized and ready to hand over to the client. Here, a designer has to see in
detail everything from finishing to furnishing, all the accessorizing has been
done or all the services like plumbing, air conditioning, electrical has been
working properly, these kinds of final things.

From the above eight points, there are other
things that have to take care of by an interior designer. These are simply
spread ideas that are easily understood and clarify the duties and
responsibilities of an interior designer.

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