Describing A Styles Chain: What Is
Bohemian Style In Interior Design? : Attention on More Is More

Bohemian style is unique in itself
because of its principle of maximization, clutter decoration, different types
of patterns, multicolor’s
& textures. This is the style that doesn’t carry hard & fast rules like
there are with Modern
or Minimalism
or Art Deco. The bohemian style we got from
Bohemian peoples who live unconventional, usually artistic lives & they are
usually artists, writers, travelers, or refugees.

Bohemian style defined by a layered design an approach like layers of colors,
patterns, textures & an aesthetic that shows personal touch, cozy
& a relaxing atmosphere. This style is for you & your enjoyment & not
others that is why today we can see cozy corners or me time-space is positively
inspired by the Bohemian style. In this style, you can not see two-room look alike,
design with multiple decoration pieces from around the world, attractive artifacts or
paintings, colorful
& cozy
fabrics like rugs, cushions, throws & a lot of plants. 

Living Room With Bohemian Style
Aesthetics & Charm 

History Of Bohemian Style 

Bohemian style interior design began in
the 19th
Paris, France. It was inspired by artists, writers, performers, & travelers or
refugees from central Europe, from the French peoples which literally
meant a Gypsy.
These people called Bohemians
the style evolved from them. Bohemians are valued their creativity &
artistic lives rather than money & this is how they developed an interior
design trend with an acceptable culture of living within them.

The term Bohemianism first appear in the
early 19th century during a time when financially struggling artists, writers
and musicians began to locate in Romania neighborhoods of
France at the lower-rent, lower-class to showcase
the lifestyle rather than nationality. Bohemian style was developed in a fashion
& design both, but
here you
can see
the limited
history of
bohemian interiors
but no worries this style is perfect with imperfections of healthy design
fussiness or clutter. You need to know that the rule is there is no rule. 

Bohemian Outdoor Seating Area Décor 

Characteristics Of
Bohemian Design Style 

The Bohemian style has given the freedom
to every individual to design what they want & how they want. It is characterized
bold colors
& patterns, more is more formula, handmade decoration, material &

Bold Colors
& Patterns

  • Metallic shades, warm, neutral &
    earthy colors
  • Amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green,
    electric blue,
    fiery orange, saturated purple, bold primary colors  such jewel tones great for accessories
    like art and tapestries
  • Different types of patterns like kilims,
    ornate Persian styles, and South Western-influenced geometric patterns
    on rugs, cushions & other

More Is More Formula

  • No restriction on designing the area with
    a lot of accessories, books, art, pictures, botanicals or storage
  • This formula to create a room cozy,
    relaxing & should tell the story about you & your space

Handmade Decoration

  • The style evolved from the artist,
    so it
    contains a lot of handmade decoration
  • Wall hangings like macrame,
    rugs, throws, paintings, sculptures & other DIY ideas

Natural Materials

  • Fabrics like burlap sisal, fringe,
    crochet, wool, jute,
    are natural material which gives the cozy & warmth feel
  • wood brings in instant warmth and comfort
    found in furniture or accents
  • Wicker and Rattan Furniture has mostly
    seen in the design


  • Filling a room with potted plants,
    hanging plants, succulents, and ferns
  • It improves air
    quality &
    an energetic vibe
    while adding dimension to a room

Bohemian Style Living Room Shows The Freedom Of Design 

Elements Of  Bohemian Design Style 

After understanding the meaning,
history & characteristics of the Bohemian design style, you
need to understand the elements of design that give the added sophistication
the extraordinary design
Below are the design elements: 


  • Vintage or second-hand furnishings mostly used to give the style a pure vibe 
  • Poufs, benches, daybeds or hanging benches typically establish corners of the declaration space 
  • Throwing rugs or overflowing floor pillows can build a welcoming feeling on the floor


  • Sisal burlap, fringe, lace, wool, jute, these textiles are used for comfortable rugs, cushions, throws, and pillows 
  • Vintage leather or imitation leather for chairs, pillows & sofas


  • Ambient, understated lighting
    will give the welcoming & cozy ambiance to a
  • Moroccan lanterns, candles,
    table lamp
    are main light fixtures


  • Accessories such as potted &
    hanging  plants, tapestries, vintage
    bottles, wall hangings, fairy lights, cozy cushions, sculptures, paintings,
    different picture frames & many more things
  • Accessories should be bold &
    artistic, vintage or artistic pieces from around the world & if not then
    from the local art market 

Artifacts & Plants Make The Room Cozy Yet



Elegant Bohemian Style Living Room 

The bohemian style reflects the elegance of the lives of Bohemian people & their culture & it encourages us to build the room without any rules & limitations. This style takes influence from other cultures, be it from Mexico, India, Morocco, or an indigenous tribe. So feel free & if you’re looking for a style you can really make your own & show your individuality in the design then it could be Bohemian for you.

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