Describing A Styles Chain: What Is
Contemporary? Emerging Geometric Influence 

The Contemporary style is one of the
timeless style in the whole design history. Contemporary means living &
things are belonging to in the present times, it means in the design world we
can say of the moment design that design may be changed in the future. Some
peoples get confused with Contemporary style with Modern style and yes both
styles have various overlapping attributes but still, both are different
because of their individual design history, development, methodology,
authentication & aesthetic of the design.

What Is Contemporary Style?

The contemporary style flourished around
the 70s. It took time to accept as a design style with less history but it is a
combination of the latter half of the 20th-century design styles of that time
like Modern, Post-modernism,  Art
Minimalism & even futuristic designs. And it became one of the timeless
design styles ever.

On the other hand, a notable point of a
Contemporary style is that it is evolving time by time. Other design styles
have their background, motif, specification, development, influence related
only in some particular historic era, whereas a contemporary style is growing
& developing day by day because it is a timeless style that means if
current key features of the style like clean lines, natural material,
minimalistic approach,
etc may
slightly change in near future but they still consider as a part of the
evolution of the contemporary style.

Characteristics Of

The Contemporary style is calm,
refreshing, and giving the present time design satisfaction in life. It
characterizes by Geometric forms, clean lines, smooth surfaces, natural
materials, and an open floor plan. The look is calm and bold with no fuss or
clutter of design anywhere.

Open Floor Plan

  • Contemporary spaces have a sense to
    consolidate small areas or room in one large room
  • Spaces separated with floor &
    partition boundaries with softer the specific walls like an open floor plan of
    living room with kitchen, dining, family room, etc. 

Forms & Clean Lines 

  • ‘Forms Follow Function’ is a thumb line
    modern style but having similarity in Contemporary style it also refer the same
  • Forms are defining the shapes with their
    functional authenticity
  • Clean lines define the strict no to the
    carving & heavy ornamentation, it includes a mixture of both straight and
    elegantly curved lines
  • Related every architectural &
    interior space is stick to the clean & smooth lines in a way of structure,
    furniture, texture, etc.


  • Geometrics are Contemporary patterns created
    from basic geometric figures, such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles,
    and ovals
    even abstract also
  • These patterns are used on textile &
    paintings to give the contemporary sophistication


  • Using organic materials such as wood, rock,
    slate, teak, cotton, wool, jute, and other gorgeous textiles in modern furnishings
  • Metals like stainless steel, nickel,
    chrome is prominent
    because they
    provide a sleek finish and clean look

Elements Of Contemporary Style

After understanding the meaning
& characteristics of Contemporary style, you need to understand the elements of
design that gives the added sophistication to
the extraordinary design. Below are the design elements:


  • White, plain white & black shades are more important in the colour palette 
  • Strong shades of orange, taupe, cream & grey for flooring, chairs, fittings, and textiles
  • If walls are in neutral colors then
    accessories are in bold & dark colors, they will define the space


  • Furniture featured in smooth, simple,
    clean & geometric shapes & forms without ornamentation or carving
  • It appreciates polished
    surfaces, neutral
    colors and
    natural materials (wood, chrome
    stainless steel,


  • Lighting should be an artistic statement this style
  • Floor and table lamps have clean
    and sleek metallic finishes
    with different colors
  • To highlight the accessories or art use
    Recessed or
    track lighting


  • Natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen,
    jute, and
    cotton is used for admiring
    the texture
  • Sleek, geometric, straight & clean
    prints are used on fabric like a rug, curtain, cushions, etc.


  • The accessories are in bold colors to
    highlight the neutral background
  • Wood & metal are prominent materials
    for accessories 

The Contemporary style is ageless in the
entire history of the design. If you want a soothing & calm look,
this style may be incorporated with you. After reading the above-provided
information, you can recognize the charm of the style and adapt it for your
space to give timeless authenticity with a touch of moralistic modernism.

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