One of the most
favorite and famous style is non-other than the Eclectic style, and the reason
behind is, it is simple that means, this style is made up of a combination of
different styles and especially those styles which belong to some historical
era or period. Is it, sound interesting? Yes, I feel so, because of its unique
esthetics and principles of design.

What Is The Eclectic Style?

The word Eclectic
comes from the Greek word ‘eklegein’ to ‘eklektikos’ to ‘Eclectics’ (in the
late 17th century). In general words, eclectic means developing
designs, style, or preference from a vast and varied variety of places and
sources, and in the designing words eclectic means mixing of the period, era,
style, textures, patterns, and colors.

The Eclectic
style is ever-changing and extremely personalized because its main feature is a
combination of many historical styles. It combines multiple styles and creates
a sophisticated, classy yet simple look. For combination, you can select a
minimum of two styles to a maximum of four or five styles, make sure that not
more than five because then it will be confusing to understand the exact eclectic
feel and ambiance in your space. 

History of Eclectic Style

The term eclectic
first emerged in the 19th century as Eclectism in architectural
styles. There is no specific period of this style but around the late 19s and
early 20s, this style was much popular in architectural style. Architects were
made a single piece out of a mixture of many elements from various historical
and old age styles and made that piece original and new from each angle. The
main motive of this style was to preserve old historical styles and with a
combination of them create a new masterpiece that would be original and undiscovered.

Now, in an
Interior point of view, eclectic architecture creates a need for interior
designers who are well known about historical styles and produced sophisticated
work that goes hand in hand with the architecture. Prominent interior designers
from 19s were created eclectic style interiors for their high
profile clients and then that work was published in some famous magazines and
through these magazines, the style was spread in the middle class and common
persons living.  


5 Characteristics Of The Eclectic Interior
Design Style

Combination Of Style

The combination
of some styles is the highlighted characteristic in eclectic style. Especially,
the styles that are belongs to some historic era or old world. Here you can
select two to five styles to create an eclectic look that is altogether new. If
the furniture is vintage then the walls or background should be calm and neutral,
then only it will look like an eclectic style interior otherwise it will look
like the traditional style.


Eclectic interior furniture can be any style
it will be vintage or modern, simple or luxurious but it should be blend with
other elements of design such as if the furniture features more patterns, some
elegant formation, or even pop of colors then it combines with a neutral and
simple rug and soothing background to mix the furniture with entire ambiance.

Color Palette

A neutral color palette is more preferable,
such as white, gray, beige, ivory, and some neutral pastel colors, because this
color palette blend with any kind of furniture, decoration, and entire
ambiance. But it is not a prominent thing so you can be bold with some accent
colors or pop of colors which create the focal point in your room.   

Patterns And Textures

The style evolves from many styles so there
are a lot of patterns and textures in every individual style to make the best
combination out of it. Use some tricks to play with patterns such as if you
want to follow a single pattern in your room, but with a minimal visual then
select the small surfaces then the pattern will not overpower the entire
ambiance of the room. 

Accessories & Decoration

Eclectic style is a consolidation of many
styles that it means artifacts also some sort of historical or old age
appearance, then display it properly, don’t clutter with furniture, textiles,
patterns, or walls. Keep it simple and sober with the extra-large beauty of
various styles. Even accent furniture also acts as a decorative element that
should be sophisticated from look vise. 


So, as we can see from such a deep description
of modern, bold, and timeless eclectic style that it is a highly personalized
and widely adapted style, but one fact of this style is some people may be
confused this style with some exaggerated styles such as Baroque, Roccoco,
Neoclassical or even Victorian but still there is unique esthetics and
principles of this style that put it in out of the box content.     


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