Describing A Styles Chain: What Is
Industrial Style In Interior Design? : Charm Of Raw & Weathered Look  

The Industrial design Style is an ever
revolving style with a way of classiness of exposed architecture &
services with the
charm &
an easy look. This style is in the list of top historic
design style which is still influential & internationally adaptable

Industrial Style Loft Apartment With A Modern Sense

Industrial style is the perfect combination of old-world factories & warehouse charm with today’s modern
sleekness. The design is all about the exposed structures like beam, column
& ceiling, exposed services such as pipes, plumbing, vintage modern
furniture & large metal frame windows.
Basically what other styles refer to
hide this stuff but in this style, the 
design will come through these features

In a nutshell, the design was born to
convert old or abandoned warehouses, factories, and barns into liveable
spaces in urban living & environment. The style celebrates engineering
and mechanical ability
which may
not others do.

History Of Industrial Style

It’s widely assumed that the industrial
style was developed at the end of the 19th & early 20th centuries. It was
inspired by the old factories & warehouses with functional elegance &
aesthetics of the
charm of a
raw, underdone, or unfinished look. The style had come into one picture with
the second industrial revolution of the late 19th century &
the early
20th century (the beginning of World War I). This was a phase of rapid
development in standardization, industrialization & urbanization.

At the end of the second industrial
revolution the factories shuttered & they become a symbol of the lives of
everyday working people. These unemployed & empty buildings had an endless
resource of high-quality materials to & the large spaces are to take
advantage of. In that period cities become more populated & because of a
shortage of residential buildings as a solution industrial space turned into
liveable residential apartments, lofts & social gathering areas such as for
big functions, weddings, etc.

Old Factories Look A Like Having Huge

Inside this extensive & huge structure, there was no place for extra fussy details & ornamentation
because their exposed brick walls, large glass windows, huge machinery, wooden
floors & overall raw, rough & unfinished look were the key inspiration
to reminds that factories were primarily about creating a functional

Characteristics Of
Industrial Style  

Industrial Style Living Room Seating With Appearance Of Exposed Structure

The Industrial style was born with the
purpose of reused the
shuttered factories & make them the great living
spaces. It
is characterized by a combination of natural & man-made
great craftsmanship, simple & clean lines, modern prints &
accent art. 

Exposed Architectural Elements

  • Exposed
    beam, columns & brick walls are key features to give unfinished &
    earthy look
  • Exposed
    ceiling create a drama with plenty of industrial accent lights

Exposed Services

  • Leaving
    ductwork, pipes & lighting installation has one of the bold features
  • In
    other styles, they try to hide these elements while giving authentication to
    the design

Open Layout

  • Create
    an open floor layout to feel that this space belongs to the factory
  • If
    space allows then make the room feel as large as possible


  • Concrete,
    bare bricks, wood, distressed yet smooth metal elements, stone countertops,
    iron, steel, tin, grainy earthy wood, copper finish, aluminum
    & steel are the materials
  • To
    give distressed, raw & the unfinished look
    to recall old factories & warehouses 
  • Elements Of  Industrial Style


  • The neutral color palette is main  that has black, gray &  white
  • Use
    some darker tones & pop of color to give vintage glance having a white color for
    the background
  • Furniture
    that it looks like it has some history with the weathered look
  • Wood
    & metal finished furniture is the key feature to give an unfinished or
    vintage look to the interior


  • Polished
    & stone floors are usually to create industrial drama
  • Wooden
    floors to bring some
    added contrast and warmth
    into space


  • Metal
    or vintage  finished floor lamps &
    pendants are the most preferable lights to give an authentic industrial look

  • Track
    light work as ambient
    lighting into space


  • Metal
    structure & machinery parts, area rugs & carpets in the distressed
    finish creating extraordinary drama
  • Vintage
    or abstract paintings & a cycle or bike elements in the space give the aesthetic look of an industrial era
  • Plants
    also, bring warmth to the industrial modern decor for your home.

                                                                  The Entire Ambience Of Industrial Style 

The Industrial style gives us the
authentication of 18th & 19th-century factories architecture with
exposed walls & ceiling, large glass window with ample of natural light
& spacious floor space. The style is also described with its
accent furniture inspired by the Victorian era, but with a modern
sleekness. These factors are shown the charm of the style with a crunch of rustic presence & youthfulness in the design.

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