Describing A Styles Chain: What Is
Mid Century Modern Style in Interior Design? : Forms Follows Functional

Mid-century modern is one of the timeless styles that has ever evolved after modernism. It broadly describes the architecture, furniture, and graphic design of the middle of the twentieth century. Modern style architecture adopted this trend & influenced by Modernism. Following purpose styles are behind the new style a philosophy & aesthetic, on the other hand, the early mid-century pursues the same philosophy as well.

Mid-century modern style was so unique
that in this style period there are dozens of 
designers were created &
produced a mass amount of furniture which has never been created before it. The
best  examples of mid-century designers
& their furniture’s are;

Mid-Century Modern style design showcase
the style of furniture

  • The Egg Chair influenced by Arne
  • The Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table
    by Isamu
  • The Bubble Chair
    influenced by Eero Aarnio
  • The Ball Chair
    influenced by Eero Aarnio
  • The Womb Chair
    by Eero
  • The Tulip Chair
    by Eero
  • The Eames Lounge Chair influenced
    by Charles
    and Ray Eames
  • The Marshmallow Chair influenced
    by George

History Of Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-century Modern is an American movement in interior design, fashion, graphic design, architecture, and urban creation, famous between 1940 and 1970. This style has expanded
& taken shape in the United States after World War II. This period has
evolved the urbanization & suburbanization because of the effects of war
that changed
living style, the economy as well as technology improvement & increase the
demand for quick build modern homes & furniture with the furnishing, such
as the Eichler
homes built in California by Josef Eichler.


   Reference image from Wikipedia – Eichler
Homes – Foster Residence, Granada Hills

The term established in the mid-1950s was
re-establish in 1984 by author Cara Greenberg in her book titled Mid-Century
Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. Most of the designs of the mid-century had gone
out of fashion by the late 60s, but in the early-to-mid 80s, interest in the period began to return & some of the designers & events boost the style
again & it comes in the list of today’s influencing & popular design


         Reference image from Wikipedia – Egg
chair by Arne Jacobsen

Characteristics Of
Mid- Century Modern Style  

Mid-Century Modern style
is timeless
authentication of the mid 20th
century. It’s characterized
by a
combination of natural & manmade materials, great craftsmanship, simple
& clean lines, modern prints & attractive accent art. 

Combination Of Natural &
Manmade Material

  • New technologies and materials became
    available such as plastic, metal, molded plywood, glass, fiberglass, and Plexiglas
    with synthetic fabrics like nylon or rayon.
  • A natural material like real wood,
    bamboo, wool.


  • Designers from this time period as much
    passionate about their work & create masterpieces with great craftsmanship.
  • Tapered legs and “floating” furniture’s
    are examples of craftsmanship.

    Mid-Century Modern style design Bedroom

Clean Lines

  • Style follows modernism & its ideology of forms follows function.
  • Simple lines, curves, and sleek surfaces offer an understated appearance..

Modern Prints

  • Geometric, abstract & clean line
    prints inspired by modern style.
  • Subtle & calm prints to merge with
    the interior.


  • Inspired from abstract, clean &
    smooth curve lines & geometric shapes.
  • Big, bold and abstract
    statement canvases
    that is intended to be the focus of the room.

After understanding the meaning,
history & characteristics of mid-century modern style, you
need to understand the elements of design that give the added sophistication
the extraordinary design. Following are the elements of design : 


  • White and pale blue walls blend with bright, vibrant highlights.
  • The colors  are mustard yellow, moss green, and tangerine orange seen as
    the main accent colors to
    define the
  • Natural woods, greens, oranges, and earthy tones show
    the sophisticated
    spirit of the 60’s and 70’s.


  • Tapered legs, short legs  and floating furniture is the key feature to
    showcase the design style.
  • Also hairpin legs,  low streamlined seating,
    chairs, lounge chairs are the basic featured furniture.
  • Marshmallow Chair, Eames chair, ball
    chairs are some of the classic examples.

    Mid-Century  Modern Style Design Dining Room Furniture


  • The lighting tends to be hanging lights
    with an artistic consideration.
  • clean lines & organic shapes to
    create a bold & classic look.
  • The tripod floor lamps, the bubble Lamp, Flo’s lightings are classic examples.


Mid-Century Modern Style Design With
Accent Furniture


The Mid-century modern style
aesthetics align with the Modernism movement of the period. The style
gives the freedom to create abstract & modern living in an affordable
way with less fuss, more geometric shapes & bold statement colors.
Thanks to those designers who crafted & molded this style with the classic yet modern
aesthetics for the timeless appearance.

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