The Minimalist design style is a much
popular style in today’s design world & way of life because of its design
aesthetics, features & motive of less is more. This movement creates an
impact on people’s live & made it a minimalist lifestyle. It is an example
of an uncluttering design that shows us how to live in a particular area with
minimal design & reduce the clutter whether physical or spiritual.

The main concept of the design style is
simple, clean lines, monochromatic & unclutter look which is pretty
challenging to achieve because it asks designers or artists to break or
minimize the design to only its essential elements to having harmony in
between. All from user interfaces to hardware designs, cars, films, music,
games, to the web and visual designs & many fields of today which are
influenced by minimalism.

                                                                           Sleek & Minimal Design Apartment 

History Of Minimalist

Minimalism is a western art movement that
began in post World War II. The term grew with American visual arts in the 1960s & early 1970s. A direct reaction against Abstract Expressionism,
which focuses on material & not on cluttered ornamentation. The movement
was inspired by the De Stijl
movement started in 1917 in Netherland, also known as Neoplasticism. The
second was Ludwig Mies van
der Rohe is
the German architect & an author of the ‘ Less is more’ approach, which is
one of the main principles of minimalism. And last, but not least Traditional
Japanese design & the Zen philosophy, which based on simplicity, a way to
achieve inner freedom & it attracts western art.

Minimalism inspired many designers &
artists from its clean lines, simple & subtracting clutter approach. The
great  masters of Minimal Art was Ludwig
Mies van
der Rohe,
Donald Judd, Agnes Martin, Dan Flavin, Carl Andre, Robert
Morris, Anne Truitt, and Frank Stella who created a number of furniture
inspired by minimalism. 

                                                         Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Chair With Streamline Sofa 

Characteristics Of
Minimalist Design Style  

The Minimalist style was flourished
around the early 20th century & today’s design world still influenced by
it. It is characterized by clean & simple form, an open floor
plan with natural light, material & finishes, color
palette & minimal decoration. 

Clean & Simple Forms

  • Clean lines & simplicity in forms as
    they follow sophisticated functionality
  • From furniture to lighting everything is
    in simplest form 

Open Floor Plan With Natural Light 

  • Create an open floor layout to maximize
    the visual expansion
  • Large glass windows are for an extensive
    natural light access 

Material & Finishes 

  • A natural material like wood give the
    sophistication to the design
  • Concert, metal, glass gives the modern a minimal approach to the design
  • Plain surface finishes or less texture
    finishes mostly use 

Color Palette  

  • White, black & gray,
    these are the essential colors in
    minimal interior
  • Monochrome look describes the style Primary colors such
    as Red, Blue & yellow use as accent colors

Minimal Decoration

  • No ornamentation is the formula of
  • Home having the clean lines & simple,
    minimal details without any clutter 

                                             Minimalist Features Gives The
Sophistication To The Bedroom Design

Elements Of  Minimalist Design Style

After understanding the meaning,
history & characteristics of the Minimalist design style, you
need to understand the elements of design that give the added sophistication
the extraordinary design
style. Below are the elements of design :


  • Furniture has straight lines & clear shapes
  • And upholstered with neutral colored leather
    or fabric 


  • Tone on tone fabric or textile most used to give
    and richness
    to the area
  • Minimalist prints and patterns
    used on textile
    keep the look light and fuss-free


  • Marble tile, narrow plank hardwood,
    concrete, gray,
    white, and black hardwood are some of the flooring ideas
  • It should be minimal & clean without
    decorating patterns 


  • Indirect light, Recessed spotlights, Flos
    String Light, sleek floor lamp & pendent lighting are some
  • It should be sleek & simple with
    no excessive direct light & detailing 


  • Each & every accessory should have
    the meaning & need to display
  • They have to minimal & simple &
    must merge into the other design elements
  • Details should be made of stainless steel
    or chrome

                                              The Clean & Simple Kitchen Shows The
Minimalism In The Design 

The style changes the definition of
luxury, sophistication & ornate designing, replaced with simple,
clean lines & fuss-free ornamentation. It is an inspiration to today’s designers
because of compact living that they can make the small space appear larger. And
the main advantage of the style is that Minimalist decor and practices
almost never go out of style when done well. If you like simplicity and
strictness in design, minimalism is the style for you.  

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