Describing A Styles Chain: What Is
Modern Style in Interior Design? : Forms Follows Function

Modern Style is one of the most
influencing styles in today’s time. It influences the day to day life with
design aesthetics to improve functionality in a way of living. Modern style is
the most misused term in the world of designing & decorating, it usually
confused with contemporary style. There is a huge difference between Modern
& Contemporary style, because the modern style has its root in history with 
design movement, was known as ‘Modernism’ & contemporary is ever-evolving

Modern style has focused on
clean line over curves, natural material, neutral & earthy
open floor plans, large windows, use of wide technology in construction &
furniture & man-made material like reinforced concrete. The style shows
itself the simplicity in sophistication.

Modern style design showcase the
monochrome color pallette

History Of Modern Style

Modern is a name come from one of the
most popular art & design movement as
ModernismIt is both a political movement and an art movement that originated during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a result of large changes in Western culture. The
movement reflected
the establishment
forms of art, religion, philosophy, and social organization
which reflected the newly emerging industrial
machinery world.

Modernism has rejected the styles that
come before it, in that realism, romanticism, renaissance & Victorian
styles. It originated at the turn of the 19th 
century, with roots in both German and Scandinavian design, and
gained fame throughout the first half of the 20th century, and later by-product
of this style is
as known as
Mid-century Modern

 Frank Lloyd
Wright, Falling-water, Mill
Run, Pennsylvania (1937). Falling-water was
one of Wright’s most famous private residences (completed 1937).

 Modern design movement faith on an idea of ‘Forms
Follows Function
It means in every form, furniture, architectural element, or even an
artifact,  you can see the predetermined motive which
bends towards functionality, and if it does not then it can be invalidated into
the list. 

Characteristics Of
Modern Style  

The Modern style is calm & a
refreshing style with no fussiness. It’s characterized by open
floor plan, monochrome, neutral & earthy color palette, natural materials & glossy
surfaces, clean lines, and natural lights & unadorned windows.

Open Floor Plan

  • As few walls as possible, the furniture
    will differentiate spaces like kitchen breakfast counter will show
    the difference between kitchen & living or dining

  • If solid wall partition is not needed,
    then transparent glass partition will divide the area & gives the
    extended visual expansion

Monochrome, Neutral & Earthy color

  • Usually, the main colors are black and white with certain primary colors (yellow, red, and blue) complementing the monochrome color palette
  • Neutral colors which tend towards earthy tone is the
    key while entire color
    palette formation

Natural Materials
& Glossy surfaces

  • Natural materials such as unpainted wood
    & wood veneers, metals, leather, and natural fibers

  • Reflective surfaces such as stainless
    steel, chrome, or glass

Modern style design living room with an
open floor plan & earthy look 

Clean Lines 

  • It’s an emphasis on strong horizontal and
    vertical lines with fewer curves
  • Cylindrical columns often feature in
    modern spaces, this form is with clear vertical lines and indicates the revolutionary use of reinforced concrete.

Natural Lights & unadorned

Elements Of Modern Style

After understanding the meaning,
history & characteristics of modern style, you need to understand the elements of
design that gives the added sophistication to
the extraordinary design. Following are the elements of design:

 Functional Furniture

  • Usually made of natural materials like
    unpainted wood,
    with horizontal and clean lines
  • On the other hand instead of natural
    wood, there is steel,
    plywood, and plastic



  • Natural fabrics such as silk, wool,
    jute, and
    cotton is used to
    admiring the texture
  • Sleek, geometric, straight, abstract
    & clean prints are used on fabric like a rug, curtain, cushions, etc.


  • The accessories are in bold colors to
    highlight the neutral background
  • Wood & metal are prominent materials
    for accessories 

Modern style design with ample natural


The created environment that we live in
today was broadly shaped by Modernism. The buildings we populate, the chairs we
sit on, the furniture we use, the graphic design that envelops us have all been
influenced by the aesthetics, authenticity, and the theory of Modern style
design. It is a widely influenced & acceptable style of design that changes
the definition of clean, subtle & sophisticated living.

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