Describing A Styles Chain: What Is
Nautical Style In Interior Design? : Enjoy The Coastal And Beach Vibes In Your

If you are
fascinated by the beach or coastal life, then the Nautical style is for you.
Here, not necessary that you need to stay near to the coastal area or the
beachside, because the location is doesn’t matter, but what feel and ambiance
you want in your home or merge your style in your home while representing
yourself definitely matters. The nautical style has been the timeless style
ever because coastal areas or the beach sides are never going to change by
nature, they are perennial by nature, it means you fall in love with this style
several times as you want.

What Is The Nautical Style?

The nautical
style is inspired by the beachside look, its lifestyle, and maritime trends
that help to evolve this style widely. The style will give you the coastal
living experience and the added charm of the sea or ocean to your home. There
are a lot of people who are mesmerized and inspired by this style because it is
obvious that who doesn’t like the beaches or coastal areas, even if people get
a small vacation they preferred to go and enjoy their vacations on the beach
farmhouses or coastal cottages. And if you love this experience of beaches then
you can develop it in your home by showcasing coastal or seaside decorating

To build your own
nautical style inspired interior decor, you have to incorporate with blue shades,
beige furniture, linen patterns, seashore prints, and beachside accessories to
give the nautical feel and ambiance to your space. If you don’t want to décor
the entire home, then convert it in a small cozy corner, because this style has
the potential to pop up separately with other styles.  

It is important
to know that just by keeping some artifact or decor related sea you can keep
for the nautical inspiration in your space, but there are some characteristics
which defines this style more represented way.   

5 Characteristics Of The Nautical Interior
Design Style

More Natural Light

The nautical
style is all about natural materials and natural sources that have to be
highlighted and without the natural elements this style is empty.  To achieve the nautical style you have to
consider that ample natural light is an important factor. Big windows are one
source to get more natural light and another one is a door. Now in the door,
there are some types that are considered in the nautical interior such as,
stable doors, foldable doors, french doors, and patio door.

Natural Materials

As you know that the nautical style is
inspired by nature which means natural materials are more noticeable. Wood is a
primary element while furnishing, decorating, or even for ceiling and wall
treatment, particularly shiplap treatment on walls or ceiling. Another
prominent feature is more use of wood furniture, in wood a particular type is driftwood which can be used as a sculpture or a wall hanging element or
decorate in a pot and many more ways to keep it as a décorative element. A rope
is also a crucial element in décor, which is more prominent in lighting such
as, rope lighting or rope chandelier. Also jute rug and baskets or wall


Natural Color Palette

The nautical style interior is calm and gives
a strong coastal ambiance mainly through its color palette. The color palette
has to be natural, white, beige, navy blue, and its shades, and accent red
these are combinations are more preferable. Pure white walls with neutral gray
and beige color furniture and they are furnished with blue color cushions,
throws, rugs can complement the entire room. All you need to focus on the
proportion of room size to set the percentage for nautical style color palette
and its decor. 

Patterns And Textures

Patterns are initial in nautical décor, it
applies on the wallpaper, sofa, carpet, painting, rug, and curtains anywhere it
can be possible, just understand the logic behind the nautical patterns, it
should be linen, natural wave, and pattern related to seaside elements. A
clutter of patterns is not allowed in this style reason is, if you want to
achieve the complete coastal ambiance then you have to follow the listed
patterns. For textures a wood, jute, rope these are the best examples because
they have the earthy feel in their texture whether it could be visually or a


Sea-Based Artifact

Accessories and artifacts play a crucial role
in the nautical interior design style. There are a lot of examples such as a
stunning sailboat miniature keep as an artifact on a shelve, surfboat hangs on
a wall, ship wheels, and a lifesaver as a wall hanging artifact,  vintage
maps as painting or big background on sofa or bed back wall, rounded mirrors
are most probably used, seaside elements seashells, starfish are best to keep
as small clutter décor. All these listed elements will give you the coastal or
beachside ambiance. 



The nautical style is free-spirited and if you
want to make it as yours or personalize your areas with this style than it is effortless
to do. You need to consider the characteristic of this style and make it truly
yours. The beauty of choosing a style lies in its versatility, simplicity, and
potential to adapt to almost any living space. 

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